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The Stress Doc's
1999 Newsletter Index and Abstract

JAN 99.

Nos. 1 & 2  Practicing Safe Stress for Small Business/SPEED -- Parts I & II

Nos. 3 & 4  Van Gogh, Prozac and Creativity -- Parts I & II

FEB 99

No. 1  Readers' Response to Van Gogh

No. 2  Codependency, Commitment Phobia and "The Intimate FOE" -- Part I

No. 3  Stress Doc Valentine:  Online Love -- Reality vs. Romantasy

No. 4  Codependency, Commitment Phobia and "The Intimate FOE" -- Part II

MAR 99

No. 1  Stress Smoke Signals; Four Stages of Burnout

No. 2  More Practicing Safe Stress Tips for Small Business Owners

No. 3  Disarming Aggression and Organizational Power Struggles

APR 99, No. 1

Main Article: Mastery of Jealousy & Birds of a Feather -- Paradoxical intervention with kids/families

Q & A: Promotional Stress

APR 99, No. 2

Main Article: Alarming "You"s or Disarming "I"s: Part I -- Power struggles vs. powerful strategies

Q & A: Does Stress Cause Baldness/Hair Loss?

MAY 99, No. 1

Main Article: Transforming Aggression with Higher Power "I"s: Part II -- Higher power responses and "A Good IDEA"

Q & A: Money, security and family business/marital conflict

MAY 99, No. 2

Main Article: From Down and Outraged to Grieving and Growing Up: A Creative Paradigm for Managing Organizational Change: Part I -- When management is out of touch with the psychological realities of loss and change

Q & A: Break Up: The Family Business or the Marriage?

JUN 99, No. 1

Main Article: From Technophobia to Cybermania: On Becoming a Netrepreneur -- The Stress Doc's four year journey to and in cyberspace

JUN 99, No. 2

Main Articles: 1) Stress Doc's "Brain Strain" and 2) Readers' Responses to Teen Sexuality

Q & A: To Fling or Not to Fling

JUL 99, No. 1

Main Article: Follow the Yellowstone Road -- Solo travel encourages healing, taking chances, making choices and the magical moment

Q & A: When a Doctor/Boss Can't Heal Thyself

JUL 99, No. 2, Sects I & II

Main Article: The Mountain Is the Message: Part I -- First five commandments for embracing the sensual and exploring the spiritual

Q & A: The M.O. for Dealing with B.O and Other Toxins/Toxic People

AUG 99, No. 1

Main Article:  "Going Postal" and Beyond:  Workplace Violence Dynamics

Q & A:  The Corporate Narcissist:  Can You Afford to Keep Him?

AUG 99, No. 2

Main Article:  The "S"-Word Is Coming and College Survival  -- Survival skills and strategies for middle school through first year of college

Q & A:  Confronting the Cyberaddict

AUG 1999, No. 1

Q & A: The Corporate Narcissist: Can You Afford to Keep Him? Shrink Rap: Murders Before Mountains and Other Absurdities Main Essay: "Going Postal" and Beyond: Workplace Violence Dynamics Reader's Submission: Reflections on "The Mountain"

AUG 1999, No. 2

Q & A: Confronting the Cyberaddict Shrink Rap: A Stress Doc Riddle and Roget's Bias Main Essay: "The 'S'-Word Is Coming" and College Survival Reader's Submission: Science Exam Quotes

SEP 1999, No. 1

Q & A: Sexual Identity, Intimacy and the Ideal: Still Waiting for "That Man"? Shrink Rap: Following One's Voice, Finding a Homeland Main Essay: "Going Postal": Part II -- Violence-Prone Personality Profile

SEP 1999, No 2

Q & A: The Real Dangers of Long Distance Virtual Romantasy a' Deux Shrink Rap: Complexity and Serentiy: Searching for a Spiritual Homeland Reader's Submission: Mother's Dictionary Sect 2: Main Essay: "Going Postal": Part IIIa -- Reducing Workplace Violence

OCT 1999, No. 1

Q & A: Grieving the Impending Death of a Cold, Non-Nurturing Parent Reader's Submission: Quoth the Hard Drive: "Nevermore!" Sect 2: Main Essay: "Going Postal": Part IIIb -- Reducing Workplace Violence: The Disarming Art of a "Practicing Safe Stress" Workshop


NOV 1999, No. 1

Q & A: Overcoming Burnout After Breaking Up with an Abusive Spouse Shrink Rap: Wild Encounters -- West and East Readers: Useful One Liners for Many Situations Main Essay: "Going Postal": Part IIIc -- Reducing Workplace Violence 

NOV 1999, No. 2

Q & A: Workplace Jealousy & Expectations and Boundaries Shrink Rap: The Double-Edged Nature of "On the Edge" Success Readers: Proverbs and Folk Wisdom Main Essay: Practicing Safe Stress for the Holidays 

DEC 1999, No. 1

Q & A: "Frightsizing," Overload and the Real Source of Workplace Anger Shrink Rap: Virtuality vs. Reality and the "Call of the Wild" Main Essay: Learning to Play with Y2K: Workplace Survival Guide Readers: The Price of Brains and a Daughter's Reflections on the Death of a Father

DEC 1999, No. 2

Q & A: "Trying to Get back In" and "He Said, 'Yes!' Now What?" Shrink Rap: The Cyber "Catch-22": Internet Rights and Responsibilities Readers: Holiday Merger and Y2K, Nepotism and Comedic Genius Letters Main Essay I: Blasting into the New Millennium: Emancipation Procrastination Main Essay II: Blasting into the New Millennium: Habit Transformation