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1st CAV Division/Ft. Hood, TX "Command Team" Offsite -- San Antonio
["Bridging the Generational-Cultural Divide and Building Team Coordination" -- 100 Brigade & Battalion Commanders and Command Sergeant Majors -- 2 hours]

July 20, 2010
Likewise, I very much enjoyed meeting you.  I can speak for everyone at the seminar -- we enjoyed your presentation and the enthusiasm and passion that you have in this important work.  Thanks again for your participation.  

Phil Battaglia 

COL Phil Battaglia
Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division

Mark, thanks for everything.  Will keep you in mind for future engagements!

Cheers, Simon

Simon Gardner
Lieutenant-Colonel, Civil Affairs
Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations
First Cavalry Division, Fort Hood Texas
Office: (254) 287-7670SIMON.GARDNER@us.army.mil