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2007 Defense Testimonials

4th Infantry Division
Office of the Commanding General
Fort Hood, Texas  76544

[Stress & Team Building Program for Senior Leadeship and 100+ Spouses]

July 23, 2007

Dear Mr. Gorkin

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude for your spending time and speaking to us at the 4th Infantry Division Offsite in San Antonio.  Your words were well-timed, poignant and inspiring.  Your attendance meant the world and we thank you for taking time from your busy schedule.  We hope the time was well spent for you, as it most assuredly was for us.

We look forward to a long lasting relationship with you and the "Steadfast and Loyal" Division.  If ever I can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to call.

Major General, U.S. Army

[In response to my May 5, 2007 Mid-Tour Pulse Check "Safe Stress" Program for 1st Cavalry Division, Ft. Hood, Texas; over 100 Senior Leadership Spouses and base soldiers]

May 15, 2007

Dear Mr. Gorkin,

Good afternoon.   I'm COL John Tully with the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas.  My boss, MG Jeffrey Hammond, Commanding General, 4th Infantry Division would like to invite you to speak to the leadership of 4th Infantry Division for about an hour on 19 July in San Antonio.  We are holding an off-site conference at the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio.  In attendance will be the 4th Infantry Division staff and all the brigade commanders (COLs), battalion commanders (LTCs), their Command Sergeants Majors, and spouses.....about 200 in attendance.   The theme for the 19th is Team Building and we would love to get your thoughts as the kickoff speaker.  You have a wonderful reputation and come highly recommended.

Elements of the division will return to Iraq for the third time at the end of this year so the conference is designed as a preparation for upcoming deployments.

Please advise if you are available and interested.   Thanks for your time.


COL John Tully
Assistant to the CG, 4ID

W:  (254)-287-7276
C:  (254) 289-3394

May 13, 2007


It was a GREAT day.  Thx so much for sharing yourself.  You are a CAV Trooper at heart!  (For a New Yorker!)

Take care,


COL Larry Phelps
Commander, 1CD Rear
Work: 254-287-3782
Cell: 254-702-1318
Every Day...Better
"Managing Everything in the Rear, so that 1CD Can Focus Forward."
"Don't confuse proximity to the target with importance to the mission."

U.S. Army -- Family Readiness Group (FRG)
3rd Brigade Combat Team
1st Cavalry Division
FT. Hood, TX
[Practice Safe Stress program for 150 spouse and service personnel; the brigade has been sending men to Iraq; FRG wanted an "uplifting program" for the home front.  Have been asked to come back in the Spring as the soldiers transition back to their families.]

Nov. 1, 2006


Thank you again for your fabulous workshop! Everyone I have spoken with today thoroughly enjoyed it.
I'm not sure what will happen with the gal you spoke with from 3rd Corps, but I'm sure if it is something she means to pursue that she will be in touch. She has my info as well so I can direct her your way if she contacts me.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Stress Doc presentation was everything I had hoped it would be. I have some nice shots and will forward them along after I do a bit of editing....

Take care and hope you had a smooth trip home. Enjoy your upcoming travels!



Laurie Dunlop
Program Coordinator


Great presentation this week. We needed that. Laurie was so right in bringing you down. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Larry Phelps

COL Larry Phelps
Commander, 1CD Rear
Work: 254-287-3782
Every Day...Better
"Managing Everything in the Rear, so that 1CD Can Focus Forward." 


Mark Gorkin
"The Stress Doc" (TM)

Motivational Humorist/Psychohumorist (TM)
Acclaimed Keynotes & Kickoffs

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