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2007 Medical Testimonials


Comfort Keepers Conference
[100 + Hospital & Hospice Social Workers attended two workshops -- 
"Managing Stress" and "Managing Anger"]

Subject: Testimonial from Comfort Keepers
Date: 9/26/2007
From: karenatcomfortkeepers@yahoo.com

You are such a bundle of energy!   It is great that your message is so diverse that it can hit the nail on the head in any industry!  The group of Social Workers we had at our September Symposium were kept on the edge of their seats!  We especially enjoyed the interactive segments.  This is Definitely a must see workshop!

Thank You again
Karen Goodson
Comfort Keepers
Leawood Kansas

Karen Goodson, CSA
Certified Senior Advisor
Comfort Keepers


Spring 2007 Montana Public Health Conference
[Closing keynote for 200 attendees]

May 26, 2007

Stress is everywhere, even in Montana.  We recently had Mr. Mark Gorkin come to Montana (and speak to) about 200 state and local public health professionals.  Mark was engaging, uplifting, and positive.  He helped our meeting participants to leave the meeting feeling empowered, positive, and encouraged about not only the work they do, but their ability to do it.  Thanks, Mark!
Jo Ann Dotson, R.N., M.S.N.
Chief, Family and Community Health Bureau
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
1216 E. 6th Ave.
Helena, MT  59620


Department of Health and Human Services Nurse Advisory Council

(Half-day "Safe Stress, Team Building and Humor" program for 120 nurses)

May 16, 2007

Dear Mark,

On behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services Nurse Advisory Council, I want to thank you for being the keynote speaker at the annual Nurse Day celebration held on May 9, 2007. The presentation "Practicing Safe Stress" was enjoyable, dynamic, and germane to the fast-pace, demanding balancing act we all live with each day.

Your humorous, non-threatening approach and expertise in the health and human service field enabled the participants to identify areas of stress and conflict in their personal and professional lives.  Although the participants work in different areas and were both managers and direct service providers, it was apparent that wearing many hats, multi-tasking, and stressing about lack of time and resources on the job, were commonalities that everyone shared.

Your presentation provided positive and constructive strategies for managing along with creative and fun ways to express oneself.  At the same time, it encouraged team building and networking.

Generally, a serious, no nonsense group, the nurses were actively engaged in the interactive presentation and they were rewarded with a morning of respite from the demands and pressure of the workplace. The group seemed to be energized, buzzing, smiling, and best of all, left the celebration feeling better about themselves. (I know this because I have been receiving "thank you" calls and emails all week.) 

Thanks again for a wonderful morning. It's not often that one can be laughing and learning at the same time.


Isabel Cassen
Senior Administrator
Public Health Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Montgomery County, Maryland

Cc: Judy Covich

Holiday Park Multiservice Senior Center

[Program on Senior Romance; 40 attendees]

Subject: From Holiday Park!
Date: 2/28/2007
From: Betsy.Graft@montgomerycountymd.gov

Hey Mark :)
  WOW!  That was wild the other day!  You certainly had everyone talking -- to each other, to you and even to themselves I think -- and it was so nice to see and hear the communication between all of our seniors and their great interaction with you.  I think some very valuable information and insights were brought up during this program -- didn't you?

Mark, it is always so wonderful having you at Holiday Park.  The level of enthusiasm in our center is raised to such a high level and it's so much fun to be part of it.  Once again, I wish to thank you on behalf of everyone here, for being such a positive influence and spending time with us.  It's also nice to know there's plenty to look forward to even after the next ten years pass!!

I look forward to seeing you again for future programs.  Thanks again and take care!

Betsy Graft
Program Assistant