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Feb, 2014

Table of Contents:
Notes from the Stress Doc ™:
  This newsletter pulls together a number of poignant and powerful essays and “Resiliency Raps” involving tragic events – from an employee suicide to the shooting at the Columbia Mall.  It also includes a valuable guest contribution on “Abuse” from delane032@gmail.com.  And closes with a Rap on “Courage.”

Shrink Rap I:  Learning from the Fatal Flaw
Shrink Rap II:  Amazing Grief:  When Resilient Magic Springs from the Tragic
Shrink Rap III:  How to Recognize Abuse and Defend Against Abusive People  (Guest Contribution)
Shrink Rap IV:  The Vortex of Violence:  The Columbia Mall Shooting and Beyond:
Maximizing the Healing and Growth Potential of Critical/Grief Interventio

Main Essay:  Cowardice or Choice:  From Vice to Voice/ WHY’s UP:  20 QUESTIONS or The Conscious-Courageous-Creative Answer

Testimonials:  Fairfax County Govt, All Dept Heads & Deputies
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