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4th Sustainment Brigade
13th Expeditionary Support Command, Ft. Hood, TX

[Predeployment Offsite for 100 Officers, Senior Sergeants and Spouses]

Aug 21, 2010


It was good to hear from you. Work has been chaotic given that I was only in the office one of the last 10 days before we came to the offsite. Your presentation was excellent. I was taking copious notes. We have a program within the brigade geared at enhancing junior leadership comminication skills in caring for soldiers and helping soldiers increase life skills in five areas of their lives: personal, professional, relational, spiritual, and financial. Part of that program is using thought provoking quotes to help leaders present some thought worthy ideas and to encourage soldiers to consider their possibilities. As we continue to write the material, I hope to be able to incorporate some of the things you put out in your class.

As I transition and get settled in my new job sometine in the next week or maybe month -- it is the army, you know -- I will keep in mind our conversation about working with the chaplains.

take care,

Jerry Sieg

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