Team Building
Art of Listening


June 29, 1996

Mr. Mark Gorkin
1616 18th Street, NW
#413 Washington, DC, 20009

Dear Mark:

Thank you for joining us again at our annual company beach retreat in Rehoboth. Our two-day "Communication and Team Building" seminar was, clearly a success, and a key ingredient to one of our best retreats ever.

As you have learned through working with our company over the past three years, the direct marketing business can be extremely fast paced and stressful one. Communication breakdowns can be common. And because we have experienced such rapid growth, we have naturally become a place with a wider range of personalities than ever before. So addressing these issues was critical at this juncture.

As you know, every year after the beach retreat I survey our employees to get feedback and ideas for the next retreat. Our "Communication and Team Building" seminar got higher marks than any other seminar held at retreat. In fact, in response to the question about what they liked the bast about this year's retreat, most people listed the seminar. Some of the exercises that received praise from the staff included the "I" versus "You" discussion and the role playing exercise. Many people felt that they benefited enormously from being able to work with other staff members that they do not interact with on a day to day basis. One person summed it up well: "Very pertinent, especially right now as stress increases due to upcoming elections and increase in workload." It was a great success.

Thank you for once again making our retreat an especially memorable one, and I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Betsy Hubby
Vice President of Administration