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ASPIRE (Asian Pacific Internal Revenue Employees) National Conference -- Chicago  [1.25 hr "Inspiring Leadership-Partnership with a Jolt of CPR -- Creativity, Passion & Risk-Taking" and "Practice Safe Stress" Programs]

Aug 6, 2010

Hi Mark,

Sorry for responding to you this late.  Your workshops were awesome, we enjoyed them very much.  To let you know that the conference committee is still working hard in collecting the online feedback/evaluation from the attendees.  Once it is completed which might be in early September, I'll forward the result to you as the inclusion of the testimony you had requested.  I hope this would be ok with you.  Thanks and have a great weekend.

Best Regards,

Team 1176 - LMSB HMT - Heavy Manufacturing
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Waukesha, WI 53188

Aug 5, 2010

Good Morning Stress Doc, thanks for your inspiring message!  I really enjoyed the conference and especially your workshop on Practicing Safe Stress.  It was very informative, practical and realistic!  I also enjoyed the group team building exercises, it helped us to better understand how "we" as a group think during either difficult times or stress related situations.  I have already recommended you to my colleagues here at the IRS, and will keep you in mind for future team building workshops or all employee meetings.
Thanks again for your enthusiasm and energy!