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Coaching Kit plus Training Package: $200.00

Multi-Media Coaching for Consultants

$150 for three hours of individual online (IMs and emails) and telephone coaching.

Based on numerous reader inquiries, Stress Doc Enterprises is providing a new combination of products and services for starting up or expanding your speaking, training or consulting business ( and Stress This informational, instructional and networking package is particularly relevant for professionals in the allied/mental health, organizational training and development, counseling and educational fields. The Stress Doc is offering his resource materials, strategies and hands on "Top Ten" Multi-Media/Online-Offline Coaching Services. This dynamic array includes:

1. Popular "Practicing Safe Stress" Workshop handout (30 pages)

2. Self-published collection of former radio syndicated "Stress Brake" essays called, From Stress Brakes and Shrink Rap to Safe Stress and Cool Moon Cats: The Wit and Wisdom of the Stress Doc" (70 pages)

3. Hard copies of his nationally published articles including, stress and change, his elegantly simple and innovative model - "The Four Faces of Anger," "Laughing in the Face of Layoffs," "Adding Entrepreneurial PUNCH to Your Career Path," and becoming a "Psychohumorist: The Art and Application of Healing Humor"; also, look for my interview in the Jan-Feb '98 edition of The Family Therapy Networker; my practice is featured for its innovation and integration of clinical skills, creativity and humor

4. The Doc's successful, comprehensive marketing portfolio will help you design and pull together your marketing packet; includes two color brochure, sample program blurbs, testimonial letters, press reviews and audiocasette of his National Public Radio interview on stress, anger and humor; a ten minute video of a TV interview costs an additional $20

5. Strategies for developing and activating a high profile, traffic- generating website, including one free consultation with the Stress Doc's web maven; he and the Doc's website efforts are no longer just legendary in their own minds: was recently selected as a USA Today Online "Hot Site"; look for the flashing logo on the Stress Doc home page

6. Tips for strengthening your professional credibility and establishing a dynamic internet presence through writing and placing short essays and longer articles both online and offline in a variety of marketing outlets; the Stress Doc is a Contributing Writer for such diverse online publications as the popular internet newsletter Humor From the Edge and Financial Services Journal Online

7. Adding humor to your speaking and training programs and writing products to increase audience response and spinoff business

8. Referrals to a variety of online and offline resources and data banks

9. Timely access to the Stress Doc for one-on-one online consultation; consider this high tech and high touch support for your business/consulting venture

10. Participation in a bulletin board and future bimonthly consultants' and trainers' chat/support-problem-solving group

The fee for the above package of products and services is:

$150 for three hours of individual online (IMs and emails) and telephone coaching.

If you have any questions, email Mark Gorkin at or call (202) 232-8662. Make check payable to MARK GORKIN.

Stress Doc Training Kit

Price: $100 (includes US shipping; $120 for international shipping)


1.  30 minute marketing videocassette of a live Practice Safe Stress:  
Managing Stress and Building Team Morale through Humor" program by "The
Stress Doc," including topics such as "The Four Stages of Burnout" and
"Developing Psychological Hardiness."  Also, two interactive exercises and
the classic closing, "The Secret of Wisdom."

2. 30 page "Practicing Safe Stress: Reducing Stress and Building Team Morale
through Humor" workshop packet

3. Sixty minute audiocassette of a public radio interview on stress, anger
and humor with the Stress Doc. After twenty minutes, the doc fields audience
questions. It's "a blast."

4. Over a dozen hard copy Stress Doc publications: "Practicing Safe Stress,"
"Are You a Blameaholic?," "Change Can Be a Stepping Stone Instead of a
Stumbling Block," "Cutting Edge Strategies for Reorganizing and Downsizing"
(a wicked satire), etc.

5. "Practicing Safe Stress" Speaking Workshop Program blurbs and outlines --
from burnout prevention and team building to the art of listening and
blending creativity and high performance

6. "Practicing Safe Stress" Program Exercises: 1) # "B" Stress Barometer, 2)
Stress and Conflict Discussion and Drawing Exercise, 3) Ask the Stress Doc,
4) Four Faces of Anger Model, 5) "You Can't Make Me" Exercise, 6)
Problem-solving Role Play Exercise, 7) Managing Loss and Change Exercise, 8)
Consultation Problem-solving Team Exercise

7. Stress Doc Enterprises Marketing Packet and Brochure -- fliers,
testimonials, online/newspaper clippings, etc.

8. A collection of 75 radio essays and lyrics titled, From Stress Brakes and
Shrink Rap to Safe Stress and Cool Moon Cats: The Wit and wisdom of the
Stress Doc.

From Stress Brakes and Shrink Rap to Safe Stress and Cool Moon Cats:
 The Wit and Wisdom of the Stress Doc
, Stress Doc Enterprises, 1995

bullet A 90 page compilation of my former syndicated radio essays, pioneering songs in the field of psychologically humorous rap music - "Shrink Rap" Productions - a creative visualization poem and other humorous lyrics/poems. "Stress Brake" radio essays are short (300 words), fast-paced and witty, covering such topics as stress, burnout, anger and conflict resolution, time management, creativity, men's and women's issues, romantic relationships, codependency, etc.
bulletPrice: $15 (which covers postage and handling)

Coaching Kit plus Training Package: $200.00