Subj: Thank You, Mark
Date: 10/19/98 12:18:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Re: "On Becoming a Netrepreneur" Presentation


On behalf of The National Network for Social Work Managers and the Virginia, Metro Washington and Maryland Chapters of NASW, many thanks for a job well done at our Oct. 15 "Envisioning Electronic Social Work" conference.

It was critical that the participants met you and learned about your work with AOL as the StressDoc and your speaking engagements, as the netpreneur you've become. They needed to know that what you have done, adapted to their interests, might be an option for them.

Clearly the audience was hungry for the information you shared and were vary impressed with what you told them. The feedback was very positive; for many this was their first time to hear about the StressDoc.

I hope it leads many of their orga nizations to schedule you for future speaking engagements.

I know that a number of the participants wanted to create "technology committees" as a followup to what they heard from you and the other presentations. I think they got the message: there's lots happening, there's help, and you had better get moving.

Thanks again, Mark.

Bob Maslyn