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Military Testimonials

Radio Interview, 45 mins, on "Compassion Fatigue, Preventing Burnout, and Stress Resilience," Ft. Irwin, Cal

Mar 28, 2014

Mark, thank you for the opportunity to interview you and I had a great time talking with you Wednesday. I learned a lot listening to you and while dialoging over the radio with you.

You have a unique rhythm to your speech that I want to tap on and you have great delivery.

Thank you again for the opportunity to get you on the radio and I look forward to our next conversation over the airwaves.

Jason Miller
Public Affairs Specialist

Andrews Air force Base/Behavioral Medicine Services
[Half-day "Stress, Conflict and Team Building" Program]

Feb 19, 2011

This testimonial is a group card sent by a number of the participants.  Both the  personal statements and the words of the Hallmark Card deserve highlighting.  Needless to say, I feel humbled and truly touched by the heartfelt sharing.

The Hallmark Card

Some have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of possibility...
Some impart wisdom or comfort and care.  Some point out the path, and some take
you there.
Some warm the heart with a human touch.  You have all these gifts...
Thank you so much.

Some Workshop Participants

I was "stressed out" when came and I felt "healed" when you left.  Thank you for being a help to the helpers.

Thank you for providing us with a much-needed and very enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks for the information and entertaining presentation.

You are an inspiration to me and also my colleagues.  Sincerely,


Frances Martinsen, RN
Intensive Addictions Services Intake Coordinator
Malcolm Grow Medical Center
1050 W. Perimeter Rd
Andrews AFB, MD  20762

(240) 857-8227

Ft. Belvoir, VA/Family Advocacy Program and Army Community Services

["Stress and Conflict" for FAP and "Generational Communication, Leadership and Team Building" for ACS staff]

November 22, 2010

Mr.Gorkin, I collected a few comments from the office staff. I figured you could use these to show just how great your training is. I really must say I mostly enjoyed your great sense of humor and the creative learning pieces are priceless. Keep up the great work and come back anytime you wish. You are welcomed here at ACS. Thank you for an awesome time.

Best wishes,

Sandra Mclean
Family Advocacy Specialist
Army Community Services

"I enjoyed the process of developing a visual representation of the barriers to creativity and risk taking. that our team experienced."...Laureen DuPree

"Wow what a great way to look at things such as team building and the bureaucracies that we all face. Glad you came Mr.Gorkin".....Sandra

"I thought it was very affective and fun!"....Breva Spencer

"It was helpful, and Loved that it was interactive. Keep up the Good work!!"...Nicole

"The morning session was very informative..and thought provoking. My FAP team really enjoyed this training session and we love the visual affects...put the drawing up on my wall.."...FAPM


ESP Corp--Engineering Solutions and Products, Inc.
[Half-day team building offsite -- "Transforming Stress, Conflict and Change into Creative Teaming" -- for 50+ Managers (mostly ex-military, former high-level NCOs); Dallas, TX; major government contractor to DOD/armed services]

Feb 17, 2010


On behalf of Engineering Solutions & Products Incorporated, and all of the participants from our Dallas Offsite in January 2010, we would like to extend our heartfelt “Thank You.”  Although our workshop was only a half day, you ensured it was packed full of energy and attention-grabbing topics and information.  We believe that better communications is the key to success and your presentation really drove home that point.  The best thing of all was that your presentation was totally in synch with the company’s values and how the President/CEO expects his Senior and Junior Level Managers to interface with employees.  The exercises were outstanding and I could see our participants wanting to have their data shared with the group.  Participants were so motivated by the presentation that you received a well-deserved standing ovation by all.  Thank you for spending time with us the previous day in order to get a better understanding of ESP and our corporate values – it meant a lot to the team that you went above and beyond to make the presentations meaningful to all.  We gained a lot from this team building/better communications workshop and look forward to working with you at future events.

Again, thank you!

Gary Livero
ESP, Inc
VP of Operations
Eatontown, NJ




Mark, I like the ideas – I think they're great! You are very welcome! Gary [ESP Vice President] really enjoyed it and made the comment about how he personally enjoyed it. He asked and everyone acknowledged how they enjoyed the seminar...they really enjoyed the event; I have received many laudable comments! It was a lot of fun; I personally love the drawing event. We have them here at the corporate office and are going to have them framed! When you come back in March will have you out at our corporate office. Let me know when you get in, we can have dinner together. Glad to see that you made it safe to Cleveland. Stay in touch!

v/r, Henry

Henry R. Vance III
DPM & Project Leader for FBCB2/BFT & ISYSCON
Engineering Solutions and Products, Inc.
Office: 254-634-4999 Ext: 120
Kileen/Ft. Hood, TX


13th Expeditionary (HQ) Support Command, Ft. Hood, TX
(Half-Day "Communications and Team Building" Predeployment/Offsite program and after dinner speech on "Motivational Humor" for 70 senior officers, senior sergeants and spouses)


Mark, Sorry it has taken me a week to get back to you...one of those weeks...we will definitely look into seeing how we can get you into theater to experience the "combat" side of stress..you definitely were instrumental in setting the stage for our conference and achieved more than I could have ever expected with respect to building our Team...as you saw, we are a unique organization consisting of Soldiers in the Active, Reserve and National Guard who generally don't have the opportunity to get together until we meet in theater.......the exercises you provided during the seminar and the excellent dinner session really hit the mark, and provided us with some very useful concepts/tools as we continue to do the spade work in building an effective Team....in an organization like this, that is a never ending task...thanks again for making time for us....you provided a wonderful service and laid the foundation---definitely consider you a valued member of the 13th..will definitely stay in touch and yell if--when:) we need some more from the Stress Doc!!!


Wentz, Paul BG (Brigadier General) MIL USA FORSCOM
13th Expeditionary (HQ) Support Command, Ft. Hood, TX


15th Sustainment Brigade, 1st Cavalry, Ft. Hood, TX
[Stress, Change and Team-Building Program for 40 Officers and Spouses]

From: Phelps, Lawrence COL MIL USA FORSCOM <lawrence.phelps@us.army.mil>
To: StressDoc@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 28 Jul 2008
Subject: Thanks Mark!


What a great program you engineered at our Command Offsite!  It could not have been better if we had orchestrated it!  Your session on managing change and stress was the perfect lead-in to the work we had to accomplish throughout the conference.  It set the conditions for the free, uninhibited work (regardless of rank) that we needed.  Our “drawing” exercise was absolutely enlightening.  I cannot tell you how valuable it was to me as the “CEO” to see these products and see how the differing sections and commands worked together.  The spouses loved the briefing and the interaction just as much as the uniformed members did. 

Here’s the BLUF: Your session was the critical building block on which we built the rest of the conference. 

My sincere thanks.  Job well done.

COL Phelps

COL Larry Phelps
Commander, 15th SB
Work: 254-287-8250
Cell: 254-702-1318
Every Day...Better!

U.S. Army -- Family Readiness Group
3rd Brigade Combat Team
1st Cavalry Division
FT. Hood, TX

[150 spouse and service personnel; "Stress & Humor" program for military spouses of soldiers recenly sent to Iraq]

Nov. 1, 2006


Thank you again for your fabulous workshop! Everyone I have spoken with today thoroughly enjoyed it.
I'm not sure what will happen with the gal you spoke with from 3rd Corps, but I'm sure if it is something she means to pursue that she will be in touch. She has my info as well so I can direct her your way if she contacts me.


Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Stress Doc presentation was everything I had hoped it would be. I have some nice shots and will forward them along after I do a bit of editing....


Take care and hope you had a smooth trip home. Enjoy your upcoming travels!




Laurie Dunlop
Program Coordinator


Great presentation this week. We needed that. Laurie was so right in bringing you down. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Larry Phelps

COL Larry Phelps
Commander, 1CD Rear
Work: 254-287-3782
Every Day...Better
"Managing Everything in the Rear, so that 1CD Can Focus Forward." 

Ft. Meade, MD/Army Community Service
Stress Management /Keynote Presenter for Child Abuse Awareness Month

On behalf of Army Community Service at Fort Meade, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your valuable presentation on stress management. You reached out to our staff with your comedy message in a way that will be everlasting for the Fort Meade community.

Your humor and sincerity certainly touched us in ways that I could not have achieved in my briefings. I was told by many of the folks who attended this presentation that it exceeded their expectations and they absolutely enjoyed the rap performance that closed out the show.

Once again, thank you for your appearance and the encouragement that you gave while here at Fort Meade. I highly recommend you for other military installations and look forward to working with you again in the future.


Celena Flowers, LCSW, ACSW
Family Advocacy Program Manager
office: 301-677-4357
cell: 240-688-6691


Transforming Stress, Change and Conflict into Creative Teaming:

The Art and Science of Engaging and Inspiring Leadership and Partnership

Today's 24/7, "always on" world often cycles between "do more with less" downsizing and ever faster upgrading...and can even appear to be spinning out of control.  How do you counter a tendency to hold rigidly on to the familiar; how do you help people get better organized, productively coordinate in the present and creatively grapple with the future?  How do you foster resilience over resistance?  Are you ready to cultivate communication and conflict resolution skills that affirm your integrity and also set appropriate boundaries while being compassionate?  Learn key psychological skills for managing the uncertainty of change.  It’s a challenging work climate…still, have no fear the Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, the "Stress Doc" ™ is here.  The Doc delivers a unique blend of dynamic and inspiring presentation along with thought-provoking and passionate, purposeful and playful group interaction to help you bring "Fire, Focus and FUN" to today's leadership challenges.  During these turbulent times, let the Stress Doc help you break down barriers and build bridges toward greater confidence in your leadership competence.  Learn tools and techniques for generating a more creative, more fun and a higher performing workplace.


A.  Getting Organized and Confronting Procrastination

1.  Why We Procrastinate

2.  Overcoming Procrastination Exercise and “Emancipation Procrastination” Strategies

B.  Disarming Power Struggles

1.  “You Can’t Make Me” Exercise

2.  Four “R” Communication Skills for Disarming Dysfunctional Struggle While Building Trust

C.  Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Style Inventory

1.  Learning Conflict Styles and “The Triple ‘A’ of Individual & Professional Responsibility

2.  Using T-K to TKO Communication Breakdowns Exercise


D.  Managing Loss and Change

1.  Six “F”s for Helping Manage Loss and Change – for Self and Others

2.  Drawbacks and Opportunities Generated by Change Exercise

D.  Handling a Critical Aggressor

1.  “Fumbled the Data” Exercise

2.  Key Communication Skills for Professionally and Effectively Giving and Receiving Feedback

E.  3-D Team Building

1.  Team Discussion-Drawing-Diversity Exercise:  Identifying Stress/Conflict Barriers and Bridges

2.  Show & Tell; Consultation Problem-Solving Exercise and Team Building Structures/Strategies