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The Stress Doc Letter
Cybernotes from the Online Psychohumorist (tm)

Date: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 12:15 AM

The Stress Doc Letter Cybernotes from the Online Psychohumorist ™

August 1998, No. 2

Dear Readers,

Here is your free Stress Doc Newsletter. Twice a month I include original or favorite essays and articles from my various online and offline writings, including my weekly Humor From the Edge and AOL/Online Psych <A HREF="aol://4344:972.doc.1264535.556723207">The Stress Doc @ Online Psych</A> columns.

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`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````````` The Aug., No. 1 edition went from the highs and lows of mountain climbing to searching for a spiritual homeland. I started in the bayous and left off about to journey to the world of kaleidoscopic rocks and metaphysical energy -- Sedona, AZ. Is it real or is it a Vortex? Find out below.

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Finding A Spiritual Homeland: Part II

In Part I of my haven quest, I defined a spiritual homeland as a geographic- cultural world and ambiance that possesses, in its own style and substance, the qualities I desire in a partner: an aesthetic and sensual presence along with "a heart that sings and a mind that dances." I also shared my years of self-imposed "creative exile" in New Orleans. The Crescent City Muse helped inspire both meandering and exploring tenaciously an uncommon heart-mind-body- spirit path. Along "the way," I began to recover and embrace my individual and creative essence.

Painting the Way to Sedona

Part I concluded with my reflecting on a recent trip to the Southwest, culminating in a stay in Sedona, AZ. After seven years of wandering in the Washington, DC political badlands, my intuitive sense told me I would soon be coming "home" to Sedona again. Let me illuminate the process. Two long-time friends and I had spent a day in the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest before arriving in Sedona. The desert surrounds you - low sloping, soft, voluptuously curved mesas; layers of pastel-colored sediment painted and sculpted by the ultimate artist. It's an endlessly expansive, panoramic palette. And the designs, and the heat, are both above and below. The mostly-parched arroyos, with their cracked, diamondback patterns, appear to silently glide under your feet. The patches of slightly moist, smooth clay from the last brief rainfall...Did I want war paint or a mud bath? A tough choice.

Our senses were definitely primed for Sedona. After nonstop driving, closing in on our destination, bouncing along a fairly abandoned dirt road, in the fading sunset, we were suddenly stopped short. In our sightline, the massive, green shrubbed, multicolored and layered rock formations that stand sentinel over deep, lush, hauntingly quiet Oak Creek Canyon.

The First Supper

If this was a "Yin," our next experience was a "Yang." In a late dinner, we encountered two Southern California women who spoke of their psychic readings and filled our heads with the lore of a number of locals and tourists - the indigenous "Nessie," the transformational Vortex. New Age metaphysicists believe Sedona and the surrounding canyons possess some of the dozen or so "power points" of the earth. There are vortices (singular, vortex: a whirling mass of energy that draws into its current everything that surrounds it) below the earth which, allegedly, give off energy, heighten creativity and instill inner peace. Well, seeing one of the women in action, I'm not sure about creativity or serenity, but energy...this woman talked incessantly. I had to use some of my best couple counseling skills just to allow her friend to get in a word.

Now I must confess, I'm a skeptic when it comes to some of the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Still, I did go for a reading from a spiritual healer. However, when she told me, based on the vibrations she received when I said my name that, in my past life, I was a seal fisherman in Alaska...let's just say we didn't quite connect. Past lives theory and therapy, when based on substantive exploration, for me, is an attempt to construct a meaningful belief system -- not unlike the purpose of Greek mythology or, even, Freudian psychoanalytic theory. That is, it can provide lessons, often symbolic or metaphorical, for understanding universal conflicts and human temptations, as well as providing guidelines for grappling with justice, sexual passion and ethics in a world that often seems beyond our comprehension and control. (Though, for me, Greek mythology, has a much higher literary value. As for Freudian theory, I plead the fifth...Hey, it helps pay my bills. As past life regression theory does for its practitioners.)

While skeptical, at the same time, I have a pretty good pedigree when it comes to mystical-like experiences. (See my past column on "Creative Burnout," on my website -- www.stressdoc.com -- or on AOL, Keyword: Stress Doc.) I know there are much deeper levels of awareness than which our ego or everyday consciousness allows. I get perturbed, though, when I see people searching for that vortex moment...like trying to hit on the psychic lottery. Too many want to project their, as yet, unrealized creative needs and drives onto some outside incarnation that will just visit them.

Discovering or recharging one's creativity is a profoundly human process. Of course, it involves being open to the obscure and "the obvious." It's also a process of exercising aptitudes and natural gifts along with encountering - often grieving - one's history. Perhaps most important, is the capacity to risk failure and to withstand disapproval and separation anxiety. That is, to pursue an individual path, however lonely or frustrating, that seems to defy the traditional, expected or familiar. And, surely, perspiration, not just inspiration is crucial - what I call persisting in one's headwork, heartwork and homework. And finally, there is that inspiration, from a muse, a place, a source of life greater than one's individual self.

And, much like my inexact modus operandi when traveling on vacation, I have taken a longer detour than planned. So, in an upcoming column, I will spell out why Sedona, despite my being somewhat vortex-averse, is pulling at my spiritual home- and heartstrings. Until then, of course, Practice Safe Stress!

Finding a Spiritual Homeland: Part III

It's the homestretch on my spiritual homeland series. The key question: why is my intuitive side drawn to Sedona, AZ? I've dubbed Sedona the "rebirthplace of the 60s." But I believe the heartfelt connection goes beyond nostalgia and the days of having a full head of hair. And certainly deeper than some of the more lightweight metaphysical principles I met up with. While my skepticism was evident as expressed in Part II, I must admit, during our first hike, after briefly cruising some of the town, there was an immediate energy surge. My friend, Burt, observed that I hadn't been so manic since our 1970 hitchhiking and backpacking trip through Europe. "Aha," you say. The higher power point, "The Vortex," was at work despite my pedestrian cynicism. (Actually, one spiritual seeker warned us against climbing to the top of Bell Rock as the power of the vortex would just overwhelm us. You know which rock we climbed.)

Articulating the Ineffable

Let me try an abstract yet down-to-earth interpretation. Encountering Sedona reminded me of discovering, a dozen years ago, the work of the controversial early 20th century Austrian artist, Egon Schiele. I had never before seen a painter integrate themes of sensuality, sexuality, aggression, poignant and angst-ridden expressive realism along with such strikingly angular lines and moody colors. A tremendous and energetic sensation of enlightenment hit me: "Oh, so that's what all those elements (within myself) look and feel like."

In analogous fashion, Sedona was a physical and psychological bridge between my inner dreams and real world desires. My resonant "aha" was discovering a small community that was integrated with its natural, and naturally beautiful, surroundings. (Or, even better, a community that was dominated by the dramatic landscape.) In five to ten minutes you can go (to quote from Sedona: A Pictorial Guidebook) from desert-like terrain to starkly beautiful Red Rock Country, with its "massive buttes, precipitous cliffs, towering spires and rugged canyons...Much of its semi-arid terrain is bare, reddish rock."

Seeing Red, Moving Up

Being an Aries, a fire sign, and a "red" in coloring and temperament, perhaps I was vibrating with the simpatico terrain. We know that colors affect our perceptions and mood. Red is associated in humans with power, vitality and the competitive urge. Could this influence my heightened arousal level?

Now ten minutes northward from Sedona brings you another landscape and mindscape -- Oak Creek Canyon. The top of the canyon is 7,000 feet above sea level compared to Sedona's 4,000 foot altitude. Here there is lush vegetation, a year round flowing stream, even dark green Ponderosa Pine forests. The rapidly changing altitude, cooler climate and kaleidoscopic rock formations definitely did a number on my senses. Also, one reason I so resonate with mountains now is because of my first spiritual homeland. New Orleans was a great place to "come out of the creative closet," but it left me seasonally and altitudinally deprived. Anyway, Sedona and environs definitely illumined a Stress Doc maxim: "Fireproof your life with variety!"

Communal Attraction and Repulsion

And, finally, there were the people -- so open and friendly. A good number of writers, artists, sculptors, in addition to middle age and New Age psychics and healers. (Hey, in the "The Big Easy" I definitely hung with some oddballs and outcasts. I can do this scene.) And as an online friend observed, upon hearing some of my "metaphysical community" skepticism: "At least these folks are still searching." I agree. Better to be on a journey that explores and extends the inner and outer envelopes than to believe you have all the right answers.

Or, even more sad, to be trapped in a burnout box - no matter how elaborate or prestigious - that's psychologically numbing or that's providing "security" in exchange for rapidly receding options, energy and hope. I call this when you're one-time niche of success has you stuck in the ditch of excess. Hey...you are at a crossroads!

While attracted to a creative colony, perhaps, as I do more and more writing, there's simultaneously a need for increasing solitude and open spaces; a wish to let my inner heart and soul romp free; to seek momentary escape from the shadowy writer's cave in absolute, other worldly beauty. Hey, Stress Doc, enough with the analysis, already.

So, is it real or is it Vortex? You know what...who cares. It's Sedona! And I will have more of it. Are you ready to explore a spiritual homeland? Are you ready to build a bridge, however gradually, between inner dreams and outer desires? And can you do all this while still Practicing Safe Stress?

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