National Institutes of Health/STEP

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Ralph M. Nitkin
Room 2AO3 6100 Executive Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20892 USA

Mark Gorkin
 Stress Doc Enterprises
 1616 18th Street, NW #312
Washington, DC 20009-2542

November 1, 2000

Dear Mark,

Thanks for working with us on the NIH presentation on "Conflict Management and Communication Skills". I appreciate your willingness to work with us in tailoring a presentation to this diverse group based on your experience with social dynamics, stress reduction, and organizational structure. Your keynote presentation was a huge success.

Your particular brand of social awareness, audience engagement, and managerial insight resonated with this group. You provided useful information on the workplace interactions, communication skills, stress management, and potential coping strategies. I must confess that I was skeptical about whether the interactive exercises would be appropriate for such a large and diverse group (about 150), but you pulled it off. You got their trust and I was surprised how enthusiastically they got down on the floor to bare their souls in the drawing exercises.

We got great feedback from the audience. About 80% of the people felt that it met or exceeded their expectations, and a similar percentage felt that it provided information that they could use in their workplace. Although we tend to have critical audiences, 83% rated it as outstanding or excellent. Among the comments were several requests for a return engagement. You also got high marks for your presentation style and motivational abilities.

Thanks again for all your efforts, and I would enthusiastically recommend you for other presentations relating to the federal workplace or other organizational domains.


Ralph Nitkin, PhD