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Stress Doc's Strategies for
Managing Organizational Change & Conflict

Reorganizational Survival/Team-Building Series

Building a Bridge Between Grief and Creativity

WorkForce Feature: A Stress Survival Guide for HR Managers/Professionals:

"Going Postal" and Beyond: Part I
Dynamics Triggering Workplace Violence

"Going Postal" and Beyond: Part II
A Profile of the Violence-Prone Personality

"Going Postal" and Beyond:
Part IIIa Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence

"Going Postal" and Beyond: 
Part IIIb Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence 
The Disarming Art of a "Practicing Safe Stress" Workshop

Going Postal and Beyond: 
Part IIIc Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence 
From Critical Intervention & Collaboration to Professional Variety & Personal Balance

The Stress Doc's Workplace Violence Series

Five Keys for Managing Change and Reducing Burnout

Practicing Safe Stress During Organizational Change

Four Stages of Burnout

Organizational Burnout Smoke Signals

Rebuilding the Fire: From Burnout to Break Out

Black Hole Burnout: I

Black Hole Burnout: II

Alarming "You"s or Disarming "I"s: I

Disarming Aggression and Organizational Power Struggles: II

Ten Commandments for Lean-and-Mean Management: I

Ten Commandments for Lean-and-Mean Management: II

From Down and Outraged to Grieving and Growing Up: A Creative Paradigm for Managing Organizational Change: I

Creative Risk-Taking: The Art of Designing Disorder

Listening, Learning and Leading

Change Can be a Stepping Stone Instead of a Stumbling Block

Creative Conflict: Working to Find the Pass in the Impasse

Cutting Edge: Strategies for Reorganizing & Downsizing

Laughing in the Face of Layoffs

When R&R Is Not a Vacation

On Becoming and Organizational Psychohumorist: The Art and Application of Healing Humor