Mark Gorkin, President
Stress Doc Enterprises
1616 18th Street, NW, #312
Washington, DC 20009-2542

Greetings, Mark

On behalf of the Great Philadelphia Chapter of PCMA and DVSAE, I would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom with our members at our September Joint Chapter Meeting at the Hyatt Hotel, Penns Landing.

As you know, normal Chapter offerings are more of an educational nature - with contract and other meeting related issues - things that are great part of our daily work life. However, all of those issues create what you so skillfully shared with us, "stress" in our lives. That coupled with our own personal stresses, we can feel like we are very alone. It's reassuring to see that everyone, not matter what you do professionally, encounters the same types of situations in a day.

The teamwork that went into putting our "drawings" together was both fun and educational. We learned who felt comfortable being the secretary at the table, who enjoyed creating the art on the flip chart paper, and also who felt comfortable sharing our message with the group. So, as I say, it was a fun way of getting an education and we thank you.

It was also nice to partner up with the DVSAE constituency and have them share in the fun. From all reports, they enjoyed the session as well.

And the Hyatt did a great job - provided a beautiful room; the weather was great so we could enjoy the view - what else could we have asked for?

We hope that you enjoyed experiencing the camaraderie of the Greater Philadelphia and DVSAE chapter members. We welcome you to attend our meetings anytime you are in the area!

Thanks again, Mark. It was a pleasure working with you. See you in Anaheim!


Donna M. Young, CMP
Meetings Manager
American College of Physicians
American Society of Internal Medicine


Program Committee Member, GPPCMA
Cc: Nanette Baecher, CMP
Linda Still, GPPCMA President
Kent Allaway, GPPCMA Vice President