March 3, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had the pleasure to attend a conference in San Antonio where Mark Gorkin, "The Stress Doc," was the key speaker. The topic was "Transitional to Transformational Stress."

I have heard hundreds of professional speakers over the last twenty years. None have ever caught my attention like Mark. From his yelling at us, to his rap music that he sang, he kept everyone’s attention and three hours went by like it was ten minutes.

Stress is a difficult topic. By nature, we are all very egocentric about stress. Especially as owners and CEO’s, we forget that everybody else has the same levels of stress that we experience ourselves. Our employees have their entire set of stress, which includes, many times, us. And our clients stress, very often includes our company.

The exercises that Mark takes you through turn discussions about stress into a fun, honest time to put everyone’s stress on the table and open to discussion and resolution.

The Stress Doc’s seminars are NOT just for owners. The more people that you know or employ, the better! Because once stress is tossed out on the table for all to discuss, it can be resolved as a team. And many times, when you relieve your employees and spouses’ stress, it is amazing how quickly your own stress goes away.

Since attending Mark’s seminar last week, I have already started implementing the exercises and techniques that I learned and am experiencing wonderful results at work and at home.

Please do yourself a favor and attend a Mark Gorkin seminar. If you are an employer have him to your office. If you cannot do either, obtain his new book. Either way, change your life today!

Yours Very Truly,


Steven C. Williams

Chief Executive Officer