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SD-103 Blending Motivation, Creativity and High Performance

Blending Employee Motivation, Creativity and High Performance

Today's 24/7, "always on" world often cycles between "do more with less" downsizing and ever faster upgrading...and the pressure keeps mounting.  How do you counter a tendency to hold on to the familiar; how do you help people productively and creatively grapple with the future?  How do you foster resilience over resistance?  Are you ready to cultivate an individual and organizational mindset that encourages productive risk-taking and imaginatively envisions diverse and united problem-solving possibilities?  Tough questions, still, have no fear the Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, the "Stress Doc" ™ is here.  An acclaimed speaker and OD/Team Building consultant, the Doc delivers a unique blend of dynamic and inspiring presentation along with thought-provoking and passionate, purposeful and playful group interaction to help you bring "Fire, Focus and FUN" to today's leadership challenges.  During these turbulent times, let the Stress Doc help you break down barriers and build bridges toward a more motivated, a more creative and a higher performing workplace.


A.  Creatively Managing Transitional Tension

1.  Impact of Organizational Change Exercise
2.  Creative Systems Intervention
3.  Six "F"s of Loss and Change

B.  Developing Resilience and Hardiness

1.  Fumbled the Data Exercise
2.  Creative Risk-Taking:  Confronting Your Intimate FOE
3.  Embarrassing Moment Exercise

C.  Group Visioning and Creativity

1.  Identifying Barriers to More Creative Risk-Taking Environments Exercise
2.  Discover a Four "P" Passion Power Tool Set
3.  Build Imaginative, Innovative and High Performing Bridges Exercise

Seek the Higher Power of Stress Doc Humor:  May the Force & the Farce Be with You!

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Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker and "Motivational Humorist" known for his interactive, inspiring and FUN speaking and workshop programs.  In addition, the "Doc" is a team building and organizational development consultant, and is America Online's "Online Psychohumorist" ™.  Recent speaking clients include FEW, Circuit City, Sonoma County, CA, Govt. Managers Conference, and the Montana Public Health Service.  Currently he is leading "Stress, Team Building and Humor" programs for the 1st Cavalry and 4th Infantry Divisions, Ft. Hood, Texas.  Mark is also the Kickoff Speaker for Estrin Legal Education national conferences.  The Stress Doc is the author of Practice Safe Stress and of The Four Faces of Anger.  See his award-winning, USA Today Online "HotSite" -- www.stressdoc.com -- called a "workplace resource" by National Public Radio (NPR).  For more info on the Doc's "Practice Safe Stress" programs or to receive his free e-newsletter, email stressdoc@aol.com or call 301-946-0865.


Transforming Stress and Conflict Into Powerful Play and Passion Power

Rebuilding Individual & Team Fire-Focus-=Fun with the LAPIS Model

 Today's 24/7, "always on" world often cycles between "do more with less" downsizing and ever faster upgrading…and the pressure keeps mounting.  How can you transform the mental exhaustion and energy depletion into heightened purpose and sharpened performance, for both individuals and teams?  Want to discover how renewed fire and focus can become passionate and playful energy for challenging yourself and inspiring others?  Don't just "walk your talk."  Instead, let the Stress Doc's dynamic and interactive, inspiring and FUN program help you "romance through the dance" of unexpected ideas, empathy and exuberance.  The Doc's cutting-edge LAPIS Model and Method [Laughter-Aggression-Passion-Imagination-Synergy] will generate "Powerful Play" and give you tools and techniques for discovering your uncommon "Passion Power?"


1. Identify various functions of laughter and humor for managing stress, reducing conflict and building camaraderie

2. Channel aggression to defuse power struggles and build trust; experience the performance octane in vital aggression

3. Discover the Four "P"s of Passion Power Matrix for vital balance, high performance and inspiring leadership

4. Use the Stress Doc's renowned team discussion and team drawing exercise to imaginatively envision and transform workplace stress into team camaraderie and creative problem solving

5. Generate take home tools, exercises and strategies for real time and place application; gain skills and structures for ongoing team building

6. Rediscover the real "Serenity Prayer" and "The Secret of Wisdom"

Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor:  May the Force and Farce Be with You.

Don't miss your appointment with the Stress Doc!