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SD-106. Confronting Reorganization and "Downsizing"

This 1-day group workshop is designed to help participants realize the challenges, the dangers, and the opportunities for employees and managers when confronted by a major reorganizational effort. An organizational climate that encourages constructive and time focused group grieving and builds a structure for team participation is essential for a system to thrive during a transition.

OBJECTIVE: By learning about this dynamic and constructive model of organizational change employees and managers will

(1) Gain a better understanding of the signs of individual and team stress,

(2) Participate 'in safe and, productive group grieving sessions, and

(3) Transform fear and frustration into problem-solving energy.

The group will learn to say goodbye to colleagues who are moving on, as well as to help those who remain to embrace the challenges of the future.


I. Coping effectively with the dangers and opportunities associated with downsizing and reorganization 'includes

A. Recognizing the signs of stress and burnout during intense and rapid restructuring.

B. Identifying vulnerable individuals and departments.

C. Recognizing change as generating both loss and new opportunities.

II. Techniques and tools for managing downsizing and reorganization:

A. Facilitating safe group grieving.

B. Converting rage, fear, and anxiety *into effective techniques for managing uncertainty.

C. Networking both inside and outside the affected organization.

III. Acknowledging the past and embracing the future:

A. Helping employees decide constructively whether to stay or move on.

B. Helping employees embrace personnel and procedural changes.

C. Enabling employees to recommit their energies to the organization and its new vision, goals, and values.


I. "Is workshop will help participants feel less vulnerable and develop a greater sense of control in the face of uncertainty and change.

II. Whether staying or leaving, all employees will resolve conflicted feelings and have more energy for effective problem-solving when encouraged to grieve.

III. Participants will learn to let go of old hurts and will thus be better able to accept the new organizational focus and direction.