SD-107. Practice  Safe Stress: Building Team Resiliency & Morale through Humor

In a 24/7 “do more with less” and rapidly changing world learning to channel stress and frustration into safe sharing, cooperative and collaborative problem-solving and team building is vital.  Quickly recognize stress warning signs and the stages of burnout.  Get a better handle on time pressure and organizational focus by achieving “Emancipation Procrastination.”  Learn tools and techniques for strengthening resiliency and “psychological hardiness.”  Gain fresh perspective on using empathy and humor and group collaboration to sustain morale, productivity, and effective team relationships.

Core target audience is all levels of employees/management.  Workshop has been successfully facilitated recently at Fairfax County Govt, U.S. Military local and national bases and, years back, a shorter version with Alexandria Govt.

Knowledge Objectives:

  Rapidly identify stress smoke signals and discover the “Four Stages of Burnout”

  Prevent burnout with “The Vital Lesson of the Four ‘R’s” and the “Six ‘F’s for Managing Loss and Change”

  Understand why it’s easy to be baited into a power struggle

bullet Gain dynamics of time disorganizations and learn to achieve “Emancipation Procrastination”
bullet Identify sources or personal, communicational and organizational stress and tension
bullet Take home team strategies for Practicing Safe Stress in the workplace

 Skill Objectives:

bullet Rapidly and playfully identify stress warning signs through group sharing
bullet Learn to “let go” and engage with change by cultivating stress buddies and refocusing anger
bullet Disarm power struggles by “dropping the rope” and asking trust-building trust questions
bullet Use “Mars-Venus” small group consultation skills for time management coaching
bullet Use meaningful group exercises to reduce stress, build camaraderie and creativity, and to have FUN!