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I'm teaming up with the Blue Mountain Retreat Center -- Blue Mountain Retreat Center - located near Harper's Ferry, VA to provide weekend retreats. We'll be dealing with such issues as:

a) managing stress and preventing/recovering from burnout,
b) developing communication skills to disarm power struggles and handle criticism,
c) strengthen time management skills to achieve "emancipation procrastination"
d) transform the "Fear of Exposure" into the "Fun of Embarrassment"
e) use humor, creativity and thought-provoking and FUN group exercises to reenergize and find your passion.

We are also ready to meet your organization or company's need for a unique setting for a leadership, division or department retreat.  (See flyer below.)

So seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor: May the Force and Farce Be with You!

Questions: Email or call:

Mark Gorkin, stressdoc@aol.com; 301-875-2567 or
Beth Ehrhardt: Owner, Blue Mtn. Retreat Ctr.,
beth6mt@hotmail.com , 240-422-9207



Feeling “stressed out”??  Feeling overwhelmed??  Stress (relationship, emotional, financial, professional) is the leading cause of anxiety and depression in our society.  Stress also plays a major role in illness and fatigue.  Come, join us at Blue Mountain Retreat Center in Knoxville, MD, for a weekend retreat focused on managing the stress in your life!! 

Blue Mountain Retreat Center in Knoxville, MD has teamed up with Mark Gorkin, LSCW, to bring you a weekend of relaxation, learning, "letting go" and FUN! 

Mark Gorkin (aka “The Stress Doc”) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), keynote speaker, workshop leader and team building consultant based in Washington, DC and Chagrin Falls, OH.  Mark is the author of “Practice Safe Stress;  Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout and Depression”.  Mark’s programs are always interactive, thought-provoking and FUN!  Mark has worked with a wide array of people from corporations, non-profits, government agencies and the military.  More about Mark at: www.stressdoc.com

All our retreats are held in the serene, scenic Blue Mountain Retreat Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Maryland (near Harpers Ferry, WV).  Blue Mountain Retreat Center is surrounded by woods on 27 acres, just one mile uphill from the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.  Our Retreat Center makes an ideal place to relax, release and revive!  More about Blue Mountain at Blue Mountain Retreat Center

Our “Stress Buster” retreat will also offer other, helpful tools for managing stress on your own turf.  These include an introduction to Yoga, silent meditation, relaxation breathing techniques and “Eating for Optimum Health” session.  Your participation in these sessions is optional.  You may want to schedule a therapeutic massage (paid separately), relax or read on our wrap around deck or go for a walk on the beautiful C & O Towpath, next to the Potomac River. 

COST:  $225 per person, double occupancy.  Includes accommodations, all meals, bed & bath linens.

Call or email to register for this retreat!  Retreat is limited to 20 participants.

Beth Ehrhardt:  240-422-9207  beth6mt@hotmail.com


Organizational/Team Building Retreat

Ready for a Stress Buster or Team Building Retreat?  Let the Synergy between the Acclaimed Speaker and Team Building Facilitator, the Stress Doc ™and the acclaimed Blue Mountain Retreat Center work its MAGIC!!!

Mark Gorkin, MSW, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), better known as the “Stress Doc” ™, is an acclaimed “Motivational Humorist,” keynote speaker, workshop leader and team building consultant.   The Stress Doc, based in Washington, DC and Chagrin Falls, OH, works with a wide array of corporations, non-profits and government agencies.  Mark’s programs are always high energy, interactive, thought-provoking and FUN!  He is also the author of Practice Safe Stress:  Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout and Depression and The Four Faces of Anger:  Transforming Anger, Rage and Conflict into Inspiring Attitude and Behavior.  (Mark is battle-tested as a former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service.)  Currently, the Doc is providing Stress, Team Building and Humor programs for a variety of US military divisions and brigades at Ft. Hood, TX and Ft. Leavenwood, MO.  And his website has been called a "Workplace Resource" by National Public Radio (NPR):  www.stressdoc.com .

What Makes a Stress Doc Team Building “On Target,” “Amazing” and “A Building Block”?

As a speaker and workshop leader his programs engage the needs of individual, teams, depts., division and organizations, especially in today’s  rapidly changing, 24/7, “do more with less” climate and diverse workforce.  A Stress Doc strengthening resiliency, creative-collaborative problem-solving and team building event:

1) quickly engages an audience (large and small; diverse)  and generates great energy, camaraderie and enthusiasm:

As Milchen de Vasconcelos, Regional Sales Manager, Skylink Travel, observed:  For the entire SKYLINK staff I want to thank you for your presentation during our training workshop. It is exactly what we needed in our multicultural group. I have not experienced such a cooperation and participation in many years with the staff. You truly know how to reach your audience.  I am hoping that we can use your insight in future meetings with our other offices.  Thank you very much for your time. Teamwork & communication are key elements to our managing our daily work ethic. You were able to express these values in a most acceptable way and open everyone’s mind…All the very best in your ongoing effort to keep us sane.

2) motivates interactivity, learning, role modeling, stress relief and Fun:

As Colleen Dolgan, Sr. Director, Organizational Learning and Performance Division, Cleveland Clinic, noted:  Thank you for speaking to our Organizational Learning and Performance team on the topic of stress and change.  We sure have had a busy year and this session was just what the doctor ordered.  It was the right amount of mix of practical information and humor.  So many came up to me afterward and made a comment on how good it was to have you there.  We are all trainers, so it is nice to be able to sit back and have someone else be on stage. Plus, you were a very good role model for interactive skills.  I look forward to having you at other engagements and will highly recommend your work to others.

3) stimulates open communication and team engagement (among diverse ranks) both during the program and encourages continued – post-workshop – team and community building:

As Lawrence Phelps, Commander, 15th SB, 1st Cavalry, Ft. Hood, concluded: Your session on managing change and stress was the perfect lead-in to the work we had to accomplish throughout the conference.  It set the conditions for the free, uninhibited work (regardless of rank) that we needed.  Our “drawing” exercise was absolutely enlightening.  I cannot tell you how valuable it was to me as the “CEO” to see these products and see how the differing sections and commands worked together.  The spouses loved the briefing and the interaction just as much as the uniformed members did.  Here’s the BLUF: Your session was the critical building block on which we built the rest of the conference.

And Now, Experience the Synergy When the Stress Doc ™ and the Blue Mountain Retreat Center Team Up:

1. The Ambiance.  The Retreat Center’s serene, secluded surroundings definitely will facilitate openness, sharing and creative imagination-collaboration.  And the Stress Doc is a master at balancing a sense of flow and feeling of safety.

2. Holistic Perspective.  In addition to the Doc’s higher and harmonizing power of humor, Blue Mountain can enable your group to strengthen its personal-professional resilience through yoga and nutrition classes, relaxation techniques, therapeutic massage, etc.

3.  Magic and Music Connection. Blending the “natural” magic of the Blue Mountain Retreat Center and the “passion power” of a gifted “orchestra leader”…the result is clear:  all will be inspired and your people and team will bring out their best music!!!

4. And It’s Very Accessible.  Easy drive for much of the East and Mid-Atlantic Coasts, and especially for the Greater Metro-Washington, DC region.

So don’t miss your appointment with the Stress Doc at the Blue Mountain Center:  May the Force and Farce Be with You!


Four Stress Doc Program Favorites

1) Practicing Organizational Safe Stress in Times of Change:  Combat Strategies at the Burnout Battlefront

2) A Leader's Greatest Gift -- TLCs: Inspiring Trust, Laughter and Creative Collaboration (especially in Times of Crisis)

3) Transforming Change & Conflict into Passion Power:  Generating Productive & Playful Pros and Teams

4) Creative Communication-Collaboration Skills for Supervisors and Managers:  Or When Going Postal Is Not Your Best Option


Recent clients:

Non-Profits:  Mental Retardation Services/Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC), Holiday Park Multi-Service Senior Center

Government:  US Military/Ft. Hood, TX and Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, Food Safety and Inspection Service/USDA Diversity Conference, Fairfax County Government, Dept. Of Homeland Security, Dept. of Commerce/Intl. Trade Admin/IT Dept., Natl. Weather Service/Diversity Program, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Dental School

Corporations:  Cleveland Clinic, INOVA Health Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, MITRE Corp., El Paso Natural Gas

Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc ™

Acclaimed Keynote/Kickoff Speaker -- Interactive, Inspiring & FUN
Motivational Psychohumorist
& Team Building Consultant

301-875-2567 and
Washington, DC, Columbia, MD & Chagrin Falls, OH

Stress Doc Video: www.stressdoc.com or http://www.stressdoc.com/media_downloads.htm
Stress Doc Blog: http://www.govloop.com/profiles/blog/list?user=0kdpx2v42x5x9
Author of Practice Safe Stress ™ and The Four Faces of Anger; Contributor to Inspiring Hope

Remember the Stress Doc's Motivational Mantra:

"Think Out of the Box, Perform Outside the Curve -- the Bell Curve (and for you "Psychohumorists" ™, sometimes Inside The Bell Jar), and Be Out-RAGE-ous!"