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News of the Improbable: BBC Finds the Stress Doc

Looking for a stress expert on Google, BBC radio passed up a couple of big company sites because of commercialism and settled on yours truly.  They called from London Thursday and the stress program was live the next day.  Upon completion of the 15 minute interview, the producer said, in a Hollywood perfect English accent, "It was brilliant." ;-)

I hope to get a tape of the show which Iwill be archived on my site --  www.stressdoc.com The Stress Doc, Motivational Speaker



1/23/2003 1:52:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: steve.mccormick@bbc.co.uk

It would be great if we you could join us on the show tomorrow at about 8.15pm (our time), I guess that's 3.15pm your time.  Here's a little more info on the show that I produce and the questions that we've had from our listeners that we'd like help with.

I produce a radio show for the BBC that goes out across the south of England every night between 7pm & 10pm. We cover BBC Radio Berkshire... Radio Kent... Radio Oxford... BBC Southern Counties Radio... Radio Solent.  We have a feature called 'Curious Questions Answered' where listeners call in asking questions about ABSOLUTELY anything and we get someone on to answer them - we've recently had a few questions that I hope you can help us with.


What's the biggest cause of stress?
Why does your body feel tight when you get stressed?
What is stress?
Is all stress bad?
What kind of illnesses have been attributed to high stress?

Does everyone react to stress in the same ways?
What type of person does stress affect the most?
Is stress only a modern day illness?