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Dynamic Speaking and Workshop Leading, Program Marketing and Internet Entrepreneuring:

"How To" Skills and Strategies

Online Registration

Workshop: Saturday, April 21st, NASW Nat’l Office, 6 hours CE Credit

Would you like to transform your speaking and workshop efforts into dynamic and interactive, inspiring and fun filled performances? Are you ready for a major skill set and career upgrade? Want to expand the visibility of your practice or increase client response to your organization’s marketing campaign? If so, Metro chapter member, Mark Gorkin, LICSW, MSW, a psychotherapist, syndicated columnist, international speaker, training and Organizational Development consultant, America Online’s "Online Psychohumorist" TM and recent author of Practice Safe Stress with "The Stress Doc" TM will help you:

1) Sharpen your public speaking and workshop leadership skills-from preparation to delivery, from compelling expression to playful and powerful exercise,

2) Successfully promote your programs, products and services with direct marketing, through traditional print and the electronic media and

3) Forge a singular high profile presence and professional identity while creating far flung (not farfetched) networking and entrepreneurial opportunities in cyberspace.

In the last year, Mark has been profiled and interviewed in such publications as Biography Magazine, Cosmopolitan, First for Women, Forbes, The Washington Flyer, The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post Online, Weight Watcher’s Magazine, Rodale Press, and Professional Counselor. His writings are syndicated by iSydicate.com and the Doc runs chat groups for American Online, WebMD and iVillage/allhealth. Check out the award-winning Stress Doc Website-http://www.stressdoc.com/. Learn why the Doc’s two favorite maxims are: "Go Web Young Cyberite" and Seek the Higher Power of Humor: May the Farce Be With You!" 

Mark Gorkin will return again this year on Saturday, April 21st for an informative and interactive 6-hour workshop to be held at the NASW National Office, 750 First Street, NE, in Washington, DC! 

Metro Redline, First Street Station, is recommended for transportation to our National Office and workshop site. Street parking may be available if you come early and bring lots of quarters (no free parking in this area on Saturdays) or park at Union Station.
Workshop Agenda

8:30 am
Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00-12:15 p.m.

A. Public Presentation

• Prepare and select content and workshop handouts.

• Manage performance fear by confronting your "Intimate FOE." • Practice engaging, effective and safe openings.

• Deliver content...don’t read it. • Sustain audience attention through delivery methods, media and interaction.

• Integrate healing humor and story telling, visual and handouts. 

• Differentiate giving a speech and leading a workshop.

B. Program Marketing

• Transform a talk or workshop into a marketing forum.

• Develop an effective brochure and marketing packet

• Network with a variety of providers and organizations.

• Establish your specialized niche in the market.

• Use writing/media tools for credibility and visibility.

• Collaborate with (cyber) media and marketing specialists.

12:15-1:15 p.m.
Lunch on Your Own

1:15- 4:30pm

C. Becoming a Internet Entrepreneur

• Developing and marketing an accessible business-generating website

• Evolving a presence on multiple cyber forums, e-zines

• Publishing a newsletter, becoming a self-help columnist

• Running an on-line chat group and bulletin board

• The effectiveness and ethics of online counseling