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Stress Doc

Lake Kittamaqundi Gallery

Sovereign Health Group Webinar
"Four Faces of Anger"

Wed, May 17, 2017
11am - 12pm PDT

2pm - 3pm EST

Video Promo
email for more info

Busy Women's Retreat
Rebuilding Mind-Body Energy & Emotional Muscles
June 10, 2017

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May the farce be with you!

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Stress Doc Wows Cleveland Clinic



The En-Rap-turing
Ft. Hood, TX
 [photo by Laurie Dunlop]


Fun-Edgy Shrink Rap Lyrics

De-Stress for Success
Business, February 21, 2008, p.2

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The Stress Doc speaks to 1st Cav spouses at Ft Hood


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Stress Doc's Essay:
"Discover Your Passion"

Stress Doc's Article:
The Four Faces of Anger --
Model and Method

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