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Train the Trainer Program and Training/Marketing Kit


So Many Agree:

The Stress Doc's "Stress Management and Team Building" Keynotes, Kickoffs and Workshops are "Amazing."

(Scroll down for several "amazing," "awesome" and "best ever" testimonials.)

Ø Would you like to learn how he does it?  Would you like to lead 1-4 hour (or longer) Interactive and Effective, Inspiring and FUN Stress Management and/or Anger & Conflict Management Programs?

Ø Would you like your training staff to lead Stress and Conflict Management Programs that will educate, energize, entertain and enthrall your employees?

Ø No matter the subject, do you want to be a more Powerful and Engaging Presenter who consistently gets rave reviews and follow-up requests?

Ø Would you like to generate "Motivational Magic" with a learning audience, at meetings or a conference or to transform your overall workplace climate?

Who Can Benefit from the Stress Doc's Coaching & "Train the Trainer" Classes?

> Individual Speakers,Training Consultants and Personal/Life Coaches
> Departmental or Organizational Training Specialists
> Human Resource Professionals
> Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counselors
> Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists

What You Will Learn:

Ø How to quickly engage and energize an audience of any size and how to sustain attention levels
Ø How to ebb and flow between thought-provoking and entertaining presentation and challenging and creative, safe and FUN real work world exercises
Ø How to run the Stress Doc's signature interactive exercises with large or small audiences, especially his acclaimed team "Discussion and Drawing" Exercise
Ø How to integrate (individual) healing and (group) harmonizing humor into speaking and training programs as a "Motivational Humorist"
Ø How to translate and apply Stress Doc concepts, tools and activities in your specific work or target environment
Ø How to sustain the "Motivational Magic" as an external or internal training/team building consultant?

Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor:  May the Farce Be with You!

Stress Doc Testimonials

"I have been employed by the same communication coaching firm for the past nine years.  We have had staff retreats before.  However, this year's retreat (June '04) was by far the best.  Mark Gorkin, "The Stress Doc," is amazing.  We laughed, joked and displayed our artistic abilities all while learning how to work better as a team during the difficulties of office change.  My employees can't stop talking about how great the retreat was.  What an awesome way to teach your employees how to manage stress and change.

Shirley Witherspoon-Ford, Director of Administration
The Communication Center-Susan Peterson Productions Inc.
Transforming Media and Presentation Training
Washington, DC

"…the program 'Humor in the Workplace:  Practicing Safe Stress' was one of the most dynamic, engaging presentations I have personally seen in years, and that includes presentations at several SHRM national conferences…We had a record attendance.   Your interactive presentation provided a brief escape while presenting ideas for building teamwork and managing conflict and stress.   You received one of the highest ratings ever…Many have suggested having you back for an extended program."

Sophia Dobransky
President - Fredick County, MD
Society for Human Resources Management

"The members of the Administrative Resource Team and the Department of Human Resources would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation at the ART conference… From the moment you were approached about the possibility of being our guest speaker, your enthusiasm conveyed your commitment to making this conference vital and interesting to participants.  Within the first few minutes of your presentation, you had captured the audience's attention and had encouraged them to become active, eager participants.  The [team] artwork was an excellent way of getting the audience to creatively express their feelings of stress and tension.  The important benefit, of course, was for them to realize that art could be a positive outlet for these feelings."

Marian M. Matthews, Administrative Associate
Fairfax County Administrative Resource Team
Department of Community and Recreation Services

For the entire SKYLINK staff I want to thank you for your presentation during our training workshop.  It is exactly what we needed in our multicultural group.  I have not experienced such a cooperation and participation in many years with the staff.  You truly know how to reach your audience.  Teamwork and communication are key elements to managing our daily work ethic.  You were able to express these values and open everyone's mind.

Ms. Milchen de Vasconcelos
Regional Sales Manager, Skylink Travel

"I would also like to share a section of an email to our president from one of the attendees:

'I wanted to take a moment to share with you the experience from yesterday's CNA Appreciation Day.  We have had this event for the past several years, but I feel that this particular event was by far the best one I have attended.

The speaker was Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW.  He was phenomenal.  He is apparently known as the 'Stress Doc.' He was contagiously energetic...engaging...fresh perspectives to old issues...as well as entertaining.  I am leaving some literature on your desk...I hope you find him interesting.  I would love to experience him as a speaker again, either in another CNA Appreciation Event or as a guest speaker here at Hospice.'"

Amy Broderick, Executive Director
Hospice Network of Maryland

"Your presentation…was entertaining as well as insightful and informative to the delight of the audience.  Knowing the changes in our Company gave you the insight to 'hit their hot buttons.'  You had them laughing at their psychological pain, and they didn't want to leave the room to hear the next speaker."

Gabriel Nazziola
National Association of State Farm Agents
Vice President of Conventions


Training/Marketing Kit

I'm confident my speaking and training program can expand the interactivity, fun and memorability quotient of your stress presentations.  An insurance agent, who had never led a stress seminar before purchased the kit, including 2 hours telephone coaching, and said the results were "awesome."  He's gotten follow-up requests.  Feel free to email or call Ryan Yoch for a testimonial:  runyouchrun@aol.com or 618-234-6679.


Mark Gorkin
Stress Doc Enterprises

9629 Elrod Road
Kensington, MD  20895


Three Levels of Program/Service:

A. Stress Management Marketing/Training Kit:  $200
B. Coaching/Consultation Services Fee: $200
C. Training/Marketing Kit and Coaching Combo Cost: $300

A. Stress Management Marketing/Training Kit

Price: $200 (includes shipping)
          $240 for international orders (includes shipping)

1.  Practice Safe Stress:  Healing & Laughing In the Face of Stress, Burnout, & Depression -- A Personal, Professional and Organizational Guide

Published:  2004
Pages:  370

          Practice Safe Stress tackles the "Toxic-Traumatic Trio" - stress, burnout, and depression.  Learn practical and playful, inspiring and insightful strategies for transforming these toxins into life-affirming energy, creative focus, and goal-achievement.  The book is alive with imaginative language and memorable "how to" ideas for:

§ Understanding the "Four Stages of Burnout," the "Erosive Spiral"
§ Rebuilding your fire and developing "Natural SPEED"
§ Achieving liberation through "Emancipation Procrastination"
§ Resolving conflict as a healing or motivational "psychohumorist" ™

          There are satirical essays on "lean-and-MEAN" managers and on mismanaged downsizings.  Learn to "laugh in the face of layoffs" and ponder the possibility of "Van Gogh, Prozac, and Creativity."  The Stress Doc also shares his own trials, errors, and triumphs in battling the "Toxic Trio."

          Safe Stress provides many discrete "Top Ten" lists and "strategic tips" essays useful as educational/informational handouts.  To quote the Internet Newsroom:  Your Guide to the World of Electronic Factgathering:  "The most outstanding feature…is his 'psychohumor' essays.  Always witty, thought-provoking, and helpful."  With this easy-to-follow, fast-paced, and fun health and wellness guide, you'll return often to Practice Safe Stress.

2. 20 minute marketing video
capturing highlights of an 1 1/2 hour live workshop; demonstrates key workshop exercises, including the very popular discussion-drawing exercise. Also presents dynamic info on "The Four Stages of Burnout."

3. 30-page "Practicing Safe Stress: Reducing Stress and Building Team Morale through Humor" workshop packet.
Two 30-page workshop packets on Dynamic Principles of Public Speaking and Dynamic Principles of Program Marketing

4. 15-page guide on "How to" deliver a Practice Safe Stress program
, 20-page guide on "How to Become a Motivational Humorist" and a 10-page article on "Generating a Powerful Cyber-Web Presence."

5. Sixty minute audiocassette of a public radio interview
on stress, anger and humor with the Stress Doc. After twenty minutes, the doc fields audience questions. It's "a blast."

6. Thirty Minute CD
of:  a) 4 Stages of Burnout, b) #-Step Burnout Recovery Process, and c) Burnout Prevention & Rejuvenation.  Also, two "Shrink Raps' (TM)

7. The Doc's comprehensive marketing portfolio
will help you design and assemble your marketing packet: "Practicing Safe Stress" Speaking/Workshop Program blurbs and outlines -- from burnout prevention and team building to the art of listening and blending creativity and high performance. Also, testimonial letters and press reviews. A ten-minute video of a TV interview costs an additional $20.

8. Over a dozen hard copy Stress Doc publications
: "Practicing Safe Stress," "Are You a Blameaholic?," "Change Can Be a Stepping Stone Instead of a Stumbling Block," "Cutting Edge Strategies for Reorganizing and Downsizing" (a wicked satire), etc.  These are reproducible.

8. Three panel "Stress Doc Enterprises" program brochure and business card.

9. "Practicing Safe Stress" Program Exercises: 1) # "B" Stress Barometer, 2) Stress and Conflict Discussion and Drawing Exercise, 3) Ask the Stress Doc, 4) Four Faces of Anger Model, 5) "You Can't Make Me" Exercise, 6) Problem-Solving Role Play Exercise, 7) Managing Loss and Change Exercise, 8) Consultation Problem-Solving Team Exercise.

To order, send check made out to Mark Gorkin to:

Mark Gorkin
Stress Doc Enterprises
9629 Elrod Road
Kensington, MD  20895



B. Coaching/Consultation Services Fee: $200

1. Two hours of phone or online consultation with "The Stress Doc" (TM) for effectively developing, marketing and delivering your online and/or offline specialty services and products. Build upon the training kit with hands on coaching.

2. Strategies for activating a high profile, building a traffic-generating web site; included is a free consult with the Stress Doc's web master; their site has been selected as a USA Today "Online" Hot Site (see animated logo at top of the home page) and recently cited as workplace resource in a National Public Radio feature on "Bad Bosses."  Also, in 2003, the BBC-London after finding my website did a phone interview.

3. Tips for strengthening your professional credibility and establishing a dynamic Internet presence through writing and placing short and long essays/articles in both online and offline media outlets.  His monthly newsletter was featured by List-A-Day.com and his writings appear in such publications as The Bright Side, HR.com, WorkforceOnline, Event Solutions, Professional Conference Management Association Newsletters, Mental Help Net, Self Help Magazine and Financial Services Journal Online. The Doc has been profiled in Biography Magazine, has been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Flyer, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Ladies Home Journal, and Fox News and has appeared in a Workplace Violence segment on CBS-TV News.

4. The Doc will help you add humor to your speaking and training programs and writing products to increase audience response and spinoff business

5. Referrals to a variety of online and offline data banks.

6. Timely access to the Stress Doc for one-on-one online consultation; consider this high tech and high touch support for your business/consulting venture.

To order, send check made out to Mark Gorkin to:

Mark Gorkin
Stress Doc Enterprises

9629 Elrod Road
Kensington, MD  20895

C. Training/Marketing Kit and Coaching Combo Cost: $300

1. C. gives you A. and B. with a $100 reduction in price.

To order, send check made out to Mark Gorkin to:

Mark Gorkin
Stress Doc Enterprises
9629 Elrod Road
Kensington, MD  20895

Questions, call 301-946-0865 or email:



In a message dated 11/20/2005 11:19:54 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, evaklein@boltblue.com writes:

Hi Mark:
It has been a while and I wanted you to know that I got my ratings back  ---a 4 out possible 5 and I was one of three people asked to do another Stress Workshop for this company.
So many thanks for your help.  It gave me a structure to begin and then add my own ideas.
Re the Drawing Exercise, I photographed it and sent it off to the CEO and I'll email them off to you.  I'm sure you'll find them amusing.

Best wishes,