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List-a-Day, the "Email List Review of the Day" site, has selected the Stress Doc newsletter as today's (Feb. 22nd) list/newsletter feature.  (See List-a-Day Purpose below.)  Of course, I was the last to know.

If interested in receiving my newsletter, just email -- stressdoc@aol.com.

Mark Gorkin
"The Stress Doc" (TM)

202-232-8662 (in Wash, DC)

Today's List-A-Day Review: Stress Doc

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How're you feeling today? A little stressed? Wishing it were
Saturday morning already? The Stress Doc, also known as Mark
Gorkin, LICSW, has some advice to help you work out the wrinkles
in your life with a thoughtful essay or two, a humorous quip or
two and a relaxing writing style.

Unlike other online therapists, the Stress Doc's advice goes down
a little easier because his essays tend to extemporize rather than
exhort, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. (Your first
clue: his company is called "Shrink Rap Productions;" your second,
his motto: "Practice Safe Stress!")

To subscribe to the Stress Doc's monthly newsletters, send him an
email: mailto:stressdoc@aol.com

-List-A-Day Staff

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