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Media Downloads:

See the  Stress Doc on You Tube

A. Video from the Stress Doc's Keynote for the 2005 Fairfax County Government (VA) / Human Resources Conference:

Managing Stress & Building Team Cooperation Through Humor

(Important: Click one of the four links below to view Stress Doc video.  If you can't view video, click the white "Real" box above to download the free Real Player.) 


Real Video

bulletPower Struggle Exercise & Communication Skills
bulletDiscussion and Drawing Exercise & Show and Tell
bulletShrink Rap and the "Secret of Wisdom"
bulletFour Stages of Burnout & Burnout Recovery

Here's what Jean-Pierre Leduc, President of Reliance Home Care, had to say about the video.  [Jean Pierre is from Belgium; French is his native language.]

Hello  Mark,

I watched the four parts of the video on your website. It is great!
How long is a session and how many different sessions are you proposing to your clients?
I wonder also how long it took originally for you to prepare those sessions. I think that you would be very comfortable also on any stage talking to any audience with any general public.
You truly have the talent to be on stage on a theater to play great roles. At least, I know that you have all the techniques for that. Teaching and session like yours can all be seen as some playing on stage. What do you think about this?
Jean-Pierre Leduc: congratulations for the talents that you have developed.

B. Audio Webcast on 04-25-08: Increasing Organizational and Personal Effectiveness by Practicing Safe Stress

    Presented to the F.E.W. Foundation for Education & Training

C. Audio Downloads: The Stress Doc's interviews with Dr. Michael Hurd

Solutions - Not Excuses

bulletInterview 1
bulletInterview 2