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Phone Coaching-Consultation-Counseling with the Stress Doc

The recent success of the Busy Women's Retreat has generated a request for phone coaching-consultation-counseling services; I am working with three clients and am ready to expand my availability. (See testimonials below.)  My expertise is based on years of experience as a therapist and OD/team building and critical incident consultant. My coaching is distinctly insightful and uncommonly empowering.  Of course, I continue to do unique keynote speaking and workshop programs as a "Motivational Humorist." 
In general, sessions will be for 30 or 60 minutes.  Fees to be determined.  Feel free to pass the announcement on to friends, family and colleagues. 


Phone Consultation-Counseling-Coaching Service from the Stress Doc

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, the "Stress Doc," is an uncommon psychotherapist with nearly 30 years experience.  Why the distinct perspective?  Mark is also a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader, Executive/Management Consultant, Organizational Development/Team Building Expert, Critical Incident Specialist (with 25 years experience as a consultant and coach, including a stint as a Stress & Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service).

Much information can also be obtained from his multi-award-winning website -- www.stressdoc.com

The Stress Doc is also the author of two books:  Practice Safe Stress:  Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout & Depression and The Four Faces of Anger: Transforming Anger, Rage, and Conflict Into Inspiring Attitude and Behavior.  The Doc runs a weekly "Shrink Rap and Group Chat" on America Online. 

Mark is expanding his professional services...

Phone Consultation-Coaching-Counseling

The Doc's areas of expertise include:

+ Stress and Burnout and Rebuilding the Fire
+ Anger Management and Managing Difficult People
+ Growing from Loss, Grief and Depression
+ Marital Tension, Couple Counseling and Family Issues
+ Career/Life/Relationship Transition
+ Conflict Resolution and Team Building
+ Executive and Management Coaching
+ Organizational Downsizing and Change
+ Time Management and Personal Organization
+ Motivation and High Performance/Anxiety Issues

Phone Sessions, in general, are for 30 or 60 minutes.  Hours of consultation are flexible; day and evening availability.  Fee to be determined during the first contact/consultation.  The first phone contact/consultation (up to 15-20 minutes) is free.

For more information, call 301-875-2567, or email stressdoc@aol.com.

Here is a coaching testimonial from a Associate Certified Coach, Speaker, Stunt woman on the West Coast.  (I'm on the East Coast.):

Date: 10/30/2007
From: Stuntsista

Hi Mark,

What growth has occurred since our work several weeks back.  I am most certain you were a gift to me during those months of coaching together.  As I remember, the most memorable character trait to me is your ability to blend courage and personal understanding; as one who has experienced suffering and risen to overcome.  Only one who has experienced the depth, could so acutely and masterfully, handle the heart of one suffering, to guide, to point out, to encourage voice to feelings.  Mark, Thank you, for your accurate assessment, time and again.  I am grateful beyond words.  I appreciate your flexibility in time zones and the presence with which you showed up is just solid.  I enjoyed your humor that you inflected with such appropriateness.  It means so much to have had you 'in my corner' through such an ordeal I found myself in.

My health has turned for the best and I deeply believe it has all to do with my state of mind.  As Victor Frankl observed over 40 years ago:  "Those who know how close the connection is between the state of mind of a man -- his courage and hope, or there lack of -- and the state of immunity of his body will understand that the sudden loss of hope and courage can have a deadly effect." 
I am well.  I have had several courageous conversations.  There is movement.  Don't be surprised if our paths cross again ~ smile. 
Most Sincerely,
Terri Cadiente A.C.C.
Associate Certified Coach, Speaker, Stunt woman

Strength And Grace Inc.
25050 Avenue Kearney Suite #109
Valencia, CA 91355
Office: 661.294.7841
Mobile: 818.489.4842www.StrengthAndGraceInc.com

~to inspire courage, provoke action and live from a heart at choice ~my life purpose

Testimonial Letter

Busy Women's Retreat
at Blue Mountain Retreat Center/Harper's Ferry, WV

March 14, 2010


Thank you so much for giving such a meaningful presentation at the Busy Women's Retreat here at Blue Mountain on March 5th and 6th. The subject matter, "Transforming Stress, Conflict and Change into Passion Power" was itself a very powerful theme, and you were able to so skillfully present and guide the group! This subject brought a lot of heavy emotions from the women to the surface. Your ability to help the women work through their issues, and even more importantly, your ability to give them tools with which to transform their stress was truly amazing. The participants in the retreat told me personally that they were very impressed with the way that you managed the group and that they took away many things that they can use in their everyday life. Your presentation helped them to evaluate their stressors differently, to see the positive in every stress, conflict and/or change. Moreover, you helped them to realize they are not alone, and you were so skilled at allowing and encouraging others to give feedback within the group!I am just so impressed with your organization, your presentation and your professionalism. I will certainly hire you again, and the women in this first group all said they look forward to working with you again at a future gathering! Thank you for your time, effort, intelligence and caring. You are truly a gifted workshop leader!!

Beth Ehrhardt, Owner
Blue Mountain Retreat Cente
Knoxville, MD 21758


I appreciate your consideration and trust.

301-875-2567 (cell)
[Based in Washington, DC area]

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" , a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is a one-of-a-kind "Motivational Humorist & Team Communication Catalyst."  The "Doc" is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker known for his interactive, inspiring and FUN speaking and workshop programs.  The "Stress Doc" is also a team building and organizational development consultant for a variety of govt. agencies, corporations and non-profits.  And he is AOL's "Online Psychohumorist" .  Mark is an Adjunct Professor at Northern VA (NOVA) Community College and currently he is leading "Stress, Team Building and Humor" programs for the 1st Cavalry and 4th Infantry Divisions and Brigades, at Ft. Hood, Texas and Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  A former Stress and Conflict Consultant for the US Postal Service, the Stress Doc is the author of Practice Safe Stress and of The Four Faces of Anger.  See his award-winning, USA Today Online "HotSite" -- www.stressdoc.com -- called a "workplace resource" by National Public Radio (NPR).  For more info on the Doc's "Practice Safe Stress" programs or to receive his free e-newsletter, email stressdoc@aol.com or call 301-875-2567.