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Here is the Doc’s high energy, interactive, inspiring and FUN-filled Practice Safe Stress ™ programs.  Based on client input and ideas re: agenda, the program content can be mixed and matched for each of the above program formats:  

Four Hot Stress Doc Speaking & Workshop Programs

SD-100: Bridging Generational Communication and Strengthening Team/System Coordination

SD-101: Becoming a Three “R” – Responsible, Resilient & Risk-Taking – Leader:
Turning on Your “Passion Power” and Inspiring TLCs – Trust, Laughter & Creative Collaboration

SD-102: Transforming Change and Conflict into Coordination and Collaboration:
The Art of Leading & Facilitating Creative Teaming (and having FUN!)

SD-103: Blending Employee Motivation, Creativity and High Performance.

SD-104: Team Building for Burnout Prevention and Employee Motivation/Cooperation:  Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution.

SD-105: New Program Package: Does Your Team, Department or Organization Need a Jolt of CPR?

SD-106: Confronting Downsizing and Reorganization.

SD-107: Practice  Safe Stress: Building Team Resiliency & Morale through Humor

SD-108: Managing Anger with Difficult People

SD-109: How to Become a Great Presenter:
Being Dynamically Engaging and Interactively Funny

SD-110:  Helping Managers Become More Effective Communicators

SD-111: Transforming a “Negative Climate” into Positive, Productive & Playful Communication, Collaboration and Coordination: 
Discovering Focused and Fun Tools and Techniques

SD-112: Workplace Wellness, Wholeness & Wisdom: 
Grieve, Let Go and Inspire Flow!

There are Three Basic Program Formats (specific programs posted below):

1.  Conference/Dinner Keynote, Kickoff/Closing and Breakout Sessions

Assn. of Legal Administrators
Regions 1 & 2 Educational Conference & Exposition, Savannah, GA
Oct 2009

Just a brief summation of some of the "outside the box/outside the curve" evaluation feedback that my high energy, highly interactive and FUN program -- "Practicing Safe Stress in Times of Change" (CM02) -- received at the 2009 Regions 1 & 2 Educational Conference & Exposition held in Savannah, GA this past October.
Out of 62 attendees there were 57 responses.  The total conference presenter evaluation average was 6.09 out of a possible 7; my overall rating:  6.54.  My actual range:
The content was interesting to me...6.72
The presenter demonstrated mastery of the topic...6.70; presenter made good use of allotted time...6.70  to
I gained new insight relevant to my work...6.35
My learning objectives for this course were addressed...6.40
And 94.6 would recommend this speaker for future conferences (1.8% did not answer).
Though it's the written responses that really capture the flavor of the electric time we had.  (Actually, an officer from the Atlanta Chapter came up to me right after the program and said, "I wasn't in your workshop, but everyone is raving about your program.  Would you be willing to come to Atlanta?")  Some of the written responses:
Highly recommend for the future.  Needed larger room.  Speaker captivated attendees the entire time.
This workshop was a lot of fun, at the same time we learned a lot!!
He has great energy and his ability to motivate was dynamic -- great session.
Initially I was skeptical of this session, but I REALLY enjoyed it.  Maybe his animation helped me to think outside of the box.  I thought the group drawing was an excellent exercise for us to do together.  The rap [sic] was hysterical.  [I'm pioneering the field of psychologically humorous rap music and, as a therapist, calling it, naturally, "Shrink Rap" ™ Productions.]  And finally...
We need more seminars like this that bring us all together.

Assembled by
Rosemary Shiels
Professional Development Program Manager


2.  Workshops.

Dept. Of Homeland Security/Federal Women-Leadership Month
["Creatively Dealing with Change and Conflict:  The Art of Engaging and Inspiring Leadership" -- 1.5 hour Keynote for 150 attendees]

May 4, 2009

"Mark Gorkin did a fantastic job of keeping the audience energized in an afternoon presentation entitled "Creatively Dealing with Change and Conflict"!  The group exercises were rousing and well-received.  Mark was a refreshing change from the usual lecturers and talking heads.  One participant stated that he was "quirky but very knowledgeable and interesting".  Numerous laudatory comments were received regarding Mark's delivery methods.  He was definitely the right choice to revitalize the participants right after lunch.  Mark is lively, energizing, and informative.  He definitely knows his stuff!"

Linda Fresh
Federal Women's Program Manager
Department of Homeland Security
Headquarters Equal Employment Opportunity Office


(202) 447-0252


3.  Half-Day to One-Day (or +) Team Building Retreats

Alameda Pediatric Dentistry
(One-day Communication/Team Building Retreat for 25-person Office; Carmel Valley, CA)

November 16, 2009

Dear Mark,

On behalf of all the doctors and staff members at Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry, we would like to thank you for putting on such a fun and entertaining program during our staff retreat in Carmel!  Everyone took away a little something from the tips you gave about communication and team building.  I can’t count how many times during the day that people would tell me how your talk was exactly what we needed. We appreciated the open atmosphere that was created -- where even the shyest staff members felt comfortable speaking up and getting involved in the discussions and exercises.  Everyone came back noticeably energized and our team was even more cohesive than before; ready to take on the challenges that we are all currently facing during these times.  Thanks for helping make the retreat a successful and worthwhile event.  People are already asking about when the next one will be.


MyLinh Ngo, DMD
Alameda Pediatric Dentistry



13th Expeditionary (HQ) Support Command, Ft. Hood, TX
("Communications and Team Building" Predeployment/Offsite program and after dinner speech on "Motivational Humor" for 70 senior officers, senior sergeants and spouses)


Mark, Sorry it has taken me a week to get back to you...one of those weeks...we will definitely look into seeing how we can get you into theater to experience the "combat" side of stress..you definitely were instrumental in setting the stage for our conference and achieved more than I could have ever expected with respect to building our Team...as you saw, we are a unique organization consisting of Soldiers in the Active, Reserve and National Guard who generally don't have the opportunity to get together until we meet in theater.......the exercises you provided during the seminar and the excellent dinner session really hit the mark, and provided us with some very useful concepts/tools as we continue to do the spade work in building an effective Team....in an organization like this, that is a never ending task...thanks again for making time for us....you provided a wonderful service and laid the foundation---definitely consider you a valued member of the 13th..will definitely stay in touch and yell if--when:) we need some more from the Stress Doc!!!


Wentz, Paul BG (Brigadier General) MIL USA FORSCOM
13th Expeditionary (HQ) Support Command, Ft. Hood, TX