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SWICA Conference

Stress Doc Contemplating Vegas

The 43rd Annual SWICA Conference will head West to Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7 - 9, 2001. The brand new elegant Aladdin Resort and Casino will serve as our host hotel. If you haven't been to Vegas in the last six months - it's changed - and continues to do so by the day. Greater, more entertaining, more elaborate is the biggest game in town as each casino competes to provide the most spectacular experience you will ever have. Prepare to shop ladies. The Aladdin Resort is actually surrounded by what's known as "Passage East" the mother lode of all shopping malls. The hotel is exquisite with pools, spas and, oh, did we mention a casino beyond your dreams. The Aladdin's hotel theme is to make your wishes come true. So don't miss the opportunity!

There are endless things to do in Las Vegas, bring your walking shoes and plan to be entertained in America's playground. Also, you'll be joining our industry's finest and share three days of camaraderie and industry data. Plan to work and play. Just plan to be there. Vegas is always busy so get your air and room reservations now. Registration is enclosed.

Mark Gorkin president of Stress Doc Enterprises from Washington DC, is sure to bring to SWICA's Annual Conference the prescription for balancing stress in our business. His famed "Practice Safe Stress" speaking engagements have given Wall Street firms and West Coast Corporate intense employees the ability to laugh at themselves, slow down, and retire the rage. Mark is full of great antics and sees the world in a simplistic stressless rhythm he will share with you.

His SWICA topics "Combat Strategies at the Burnout Battlefront" and "Conflict Resolution for Creatively Managing Crisis and Change" are sure to leave you wondering how you got so stressed and great tips to avoid future stress!

It's an interesting combination - stress and Las Vegas. Mark will have no insight on gambling stress as he has never been to Las Vegas, which is pretty interesting in itself. Byron and Sandra Sadler, Industrial Specialists, Inc., have offered their expertise to teach Mark a few things!!

So, May the Farce be with you! (as dictated by Gorkin -see you there!