NEPALBHASA TIMES Covid19 Interview with Mark Gorkin

A Dynamic Duo Confronts the COVID Crisis for HR/Legal/Managerial PersonnelChere Estrin, CEO, of Estrin Legal Staffing and Mark Gorkin, LICSW, The Stress Doc ™ have teamed up to deliver two highly popular and acclaimed Stress Resilience in the Time of COVID-19” webinars.  Both webinars had 300 registrants and 150 attendees.  People were  grateful for the tools and strategies provided; many said they were “inspired.”  Both presenters are knowledgeable, lively, and passionate.  The “legal insider” perspective of Ms. Estrin combined with the psychological/crisis expertise of the Stress Doc, had a synergistic impact.  Issues ranged from understanding the impact of grief to anticipating and preparing for the future direction of your firm and/or the legal profession.  In addition, skills and strategies for developing psychological hardiness and for displaying empathetic and courageous leadership are outlined.   Don’t miss this unique presentation!