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Phone Coaching-Consultation-Counseling with the Stress Doc ™

My expertise is based on decades of experience as a national speaker on stress and burnout as well as a former private practice Psychotherapist, Adjunct Professor at the Tulane University (ten years teaching Crisis Intervention & Brief Treatment) and Visiting Professor at Catholic University Schools of Social Work and Social Services.  I have worked with a myriad of government agencies, including a variety of branches of the US Military, along with corporations, and non-profits.  My Consulting experience and expertise integrates several realms and roles:

  • • Stress and Change Resilience Coaching


  • • Critical Incident and Crisis Intervention


  • • Stress and Burnout, Trauma and Grief Consultant


  • • Former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service


  • • Executive/Management Coaching


  • • Trauma and Critical Incident Intervention and Debriefing


  • • Organizational Development/Team Building


And my own personal journey grappling with burnout and clinical depression helps make the counseling/coaching distinctly insightful and uncommonly empowering.   Perhaps my singular perspective is honed by doing keynote speaking and workshop programs as a “Motivational Psycho-humorist” ™.  (The title of one of my books is Practice Safe Stress:  Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout & Depression.  Another book:  The Four Faces of Anger: Transforming Anger, Rage, and Conflict Into Inspiring Attitude and Behavior.)


Coaching Logistics

In general, sessions will be for 30 or 60 minutes.  We begin with a free 15 minute consultation to determine if there is a basis for a mutual, productive working relationship.  Fees to be determined.

Testimonials are provided below, as well as an essay on a more recent consulting experience.

Feel free to pass the announcement on to friends, family, and colleagues.  For more info:

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