In today’s diverse, always-on, TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven & Distracted World, three performance-communication-relationship-building pillars often determine leadership success:

1) Are you courageously developing and passionately projecting your unique energy and experience, strengths and skills?

2) Are you truly “being heard or are you just making noise”?

3) Are you developing mutually productive and innovative partnerships?

With the Stress Doc’s singular wit and wisdom, this webinar will strengthen attendees’ abilities to bring their own purpose, passion, and power to real work-world issues.  Apply high task & human touch motivational skills and strategies for: a) high-impact leadership and communication, b) positively transforming change and loss into opportunity, and c) managing anger and conflict.  Courageously engaging and inspiring individuals and teams, directly impacting coordination, morale, and the bottom-line!  Discover that while there may be “No “I” in team” … there are two “I”s in WINNING!

Key Bullet Objectives:


The Five “A”s of Arousing, Connecting & Energizing (ACE) Communication-Leadership

Disarming power struggles and critical aggressors exercises through courageous, trust-building “good questions

Passion Power Model/exercise: interaction between head-heart (mind) and serious-humor (mood) modes

Stress Doc’s “Top Ten” Skills, Structures & Strategies for building “Inclusive-Collaborative” (IC) participatory, “helmet’s off” teams




Society for Diversity, 2017 Annual Conference, Chicago, “Leading with Passion Power:  Building Clarity, Courage & Creativity,” 50 participants


“Mark’s “Leading with Passion Power”: Building Clarity, Courage & Creativity program is pure dynamite! I had the pleasure of co-facilitating an hour of diversity and inclusion education at a national conference with Mark and what a distinct pleasure it was. I found his content to be relevant and his delivery style is cutting edge. If you are seeking a dynamic and unique presenter with a timely message on how to lead, the StressDoc is who you are looking for! “

Felicia Johnson, MBA, CDP Founder & Managing Director, Gatson Group, LLC




International Professional Managers Association (IPMA)/Eastern Regional Conference, Passion Power:  Inspiring Others with Courage, Clarity, and Creativity; 1.5 hours; 50 attendees

July 13, 2015

Mark Gorkin, aka “The Stress Doc,” was a recent presenter at the Eastern Region IPMA annual training and development forum (Jun 2015).  He led the participants on a passionate and creative ride through the topic, “Leading with Passion.”  His unique training style was full of surprises and encouraged the participants to “go for it.”  Mark was very interactive and he provided extensive materials for the attendees to use as resources.  One of the comments from the attendees was, “Bring him back :>)”.

Vicki Arpin, IPMA-CP
2014 Program Committee Chairperson
CT Department of Transportation