Stress, Change & Team Resilience through Humor: An Interactive Playshop


In a 24/7 always on, TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven-Distracted World, filled with change and uncertainty, developing stress and change resilience skills and strategies is critical.  Also vital is understanding the individual and organizational characteristics that facilitate burnout, as well as the burnout battlefront stages.  Learn how a hi task and human touch team can be a vital buffer against burnout.  Let the Stress Doc’s “Get FIT” –FUNInteractive-Thought-provoking – program provide tools for: a) Burnout Prevention/Recovery, b) Psychological Hardiness, and c) Natural SPEED. Learn techniques for dealing with loss and change and for disarming self-defeating power struggles.  Learn to positively set boundaries while gaining structures and strategies for building more diverse-inclusive-participatory teams.  Finally, experience the power of sharing playful and powerful stories to break down the “Intimate FOE,” status barriers, and generate openness and camaraderie.  Create a more equal “helmets off” and “we’re all in this together” atmosphere, team, and organizational culture.


Areas Covered in the session?

•          Rapidly discover stress smoke signals along with the Four Stages of Burnout

•          Discover “The Six ‘R’s of Burnout Recovery and manage transitional challenges through research-based “Psychological Hardiness”

•          Discover the creative and new vision potential in “letting go” and “The Eight ‘F’s for Managing Loss and Change”

•          Learning how to say “No” constructively with colleagues and “higher ups”; disarm and defuse power struggles by asking courageous and trust-building “good questions” and using affirming “I” messages

•          Closing tips and techniques for humor, Natural SPEED and Brain Agility along with the Doc’s acclaimed “Shrink Rap” ™.



Developing Stress Resilience, Humor, and Passion Power:  The Gift of Interactive Engagement; Human Resources Palm Beach County, FL (HRPBC; SHRM affiliate); Kickoff Speaker; 100 attendees; 1.25 hrs


Feb 27, 2014

Hello Mark.

HR Palm Beach County had the wonderful pleasure of having Mark Gorkin “The Stress Doc” present at one of our monthly dinner meetings. Mark’s presentation was both insightful and engaging. He has a way of captivating the audience and makes them want to hear more. We enjoyed his insights on the factors that cause stress and how to overcome them. We hope to hear more from “The Stress Doc”. It was definitely time well spent. We especially enjoyed his perspective of Passion and Power. Mark Gorkin is a must hear!

Tanya Vaughn-Patterson
HRPBC Program Chair

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant




Statewide Refugee Mental Health Summit/Richmond, VA; Practice Safe Stress: Using Humor in the Face of Stress, Burnout, and Conflict — Plenary Speaker; 1 hour; 75 attendee


Jul 8, 2016


Thank you so much for inspiring our participants in the 3rd Statewide Refugee Mental Health Summit with your wit and humor as well as helping set the tone for the rest of the day.  Your topic Practice Safe Stress: Using Humor in the Face of Stress, Burnout and Conflict was just the right choice.  I believe you have felt their response — how much they enjoyed it, as well as how much they need it, so they can effectively carry out their job of helping others.  The strength of our initiative depends on these people who champion our cause for refugee mental health. I can’t thank you enough for coming to be our plenary speaker.



Eva  P. Stitt, Ph.D.
Refugee Mental Health Analyst
Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services
Office of Cultural and Linguistic Competence