In a 24/7, rapidly changing, always on, “do more with less” world, not surprisingly, individual stress and interpersonal tension can influence the organizational climate, communication, and coordination. The challenge becomes sustaining resilience and morale while forging cooperative and productive working relationships and partnerships. How does a team generate a “Helmet’s Off” atmosphere where meaningful issues can be identified and engaged in a collaborative spirit? Are you ready to challenge the old saw: “There’s no ‘I’ in team!” Can you disarm constructive power struggles that engage others while affirming your integrity; can you set appropriate boundaries while building trust? During these rapidly changing and turbulent times, let the Stress Doc help you break down barriers and build bridges toward greater team coordination and leadership-partnership learning systems.

Key Bullet Objectives:

    • • Identify key barriers to “Diversity & Inclusion”: Race/Gender, Grade-Role-Status, Relationship-Building, Access, and Favoritism


    • • Review the four stages of group dynamics: “Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing (or Conforming)”; discover tools and techniques for strengthening emotional intelligence


    • • Explore and apply the “Five Stages of Courageous Resilience and Creative Risk-Taking; make connections to individual leadership, individual performance fears, and team performance
    • • Discover the Doc’s 3-D – Discussion-Drawing-Diversity – Exercise; “take home” imaginative, morale-building, and collaborative problem-solving tools


Employee Assistance Professionals Assn/Chesapeake-Metro DC, “Leading with Passion Power:  Inspiring with Courage, Clarity, and Creativity,” half-day program


Nov 9, 2015

Mark, Heard some great feedback. Comment that resonated was that it was like a retreat for practitioners and the timing couldn’t have been better! Sorry that I had a conflict but wanted to stop by and say hello, after such a long time!!!  Jim

Jim O’Hair
Coordinator, Employee and Family Assistance Program at Northrop Grumman Corp



Nov 6, 2015

Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for the great training yesterday! I really enjoyed it and feel that everyone really liked having the interaction amongst our groups. It really helped us all learn more about each other which was nice.

I will surely keep you in mind for some upcoming events I am doing in the new year.

Have a great weekend!


Kate Black
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Retreat Premier Addiction Centers



Maryland. Washington DC. Northern Virginia. Delaware