The Cost of Always Being On: Threats to Individual, Family, and Corporate Health & Productivity

This program will shed light on the true cost of living in a technologically-driven and distracted world. Every day examples include: a) late night gaming or texting and disruptive sleeping, b) texting and surfing instead of working, c) “time urgency syndrome” – not enough hours in the day and believing you must be in contact, d) tuning out family members or colleagues by burying one’s head in a gadget, and e) increased avoidance of face-to-face communication and conflict resolution.  Always being plugged in can lead to issues with individual health, problems within families, (whose effects invariably make their way into the workplace), as well as operational efficiency, effectiveness, and coordination. Employee productivity and the operational/financial strength of corporations suffer when workers are feeling distracted, scattered, and exhausted.  Let the Stress Doc ™ and the Health Coach help you achieve a “High-Tech and Human Touch” culture!


This 2-hour to 2-day program will lead to an understanding of:







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