Mark Gorkin at

Mark Gorkin is speaking at for his Stress, Change And Team Resilience Through Humor: An Interactive Playshop

Areas Covered

Rapidly discover stress smoke signals along with the Four Stages of Burnout
Discover “The Six ‘R’s of Burnout Recovery and manage transitional challenges through research-based “Psychological Hardiness”
Discover the creative and new vision potential in “letting go” and “The Eight ‘F’s for Managing Loss and Change”
Learning how to say “No” constructively with colleagues and “higher ups”
Disarm and defuse power struggles by asking courageous “good questions” and using affirming “I” messages while reducing status tensions and learning to build trust
Discover team exercises, structures and strategies for managing stress, enhancing team inclusion-participation and collaborative problem-solving
Closing tips and techniques for humor, Natural Speed and Brain Agility along with the Doc’s acclaimed “Shrink Rap” ™.
Who Should Attend

All personnel levels – from front-line employees to all levels of management will gain skills, tools, and strategies for: 1) identifying stress and burnout warning signs and 2) positively developing stress, conflict, and change resilience skills in both themselves and in colleagues, team members, and those they supervise/manage. Clearly, individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole benefit when a work culture is more stress resilient and focused, open and fun!

Why Should You Attend

This training is for anyone realizing that in times of rapid change and uncertainty personal resilience and healing/harmonizing humor in the face of stress, loss, and change certainly influence productivity and emotional well-being. In addition, these stress resilience resources and strategies impact our capacity to empathize, connect, and productively partner with others. And both personal and interpersonal dynamics impact the productive, supportive, and collaborative potential of work groups and teams.